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Toyota Avalon Mirror

Spotting and Troubleshooting the Toyota Avalon Mirror

For vehicle owners, having a broken mirror is not only bad luck, but it's also unsafe. Imagine driving your full-sized Toyota Avalon without even just one of your mirrors. Aside from being unsafe, driving with a broken Toyota Avalon mirror is illegal in most states because this is considered as an equipment violation. To avoid getting pulled over, here are some quick fixes for your car mirrors.

Broken glass mirror

This one is a simple. Toyota Avalon models have side-mirror that you can replace per part. If you have a broken glass mirror, you can easily replace just the mirror glass. Mirror replacements are affordable and you can find it from any auto-shop. When replacing the glass, make sure that you take out all the broken fragments from the side-mirror assembly before installing the mirror. Use a hair dryer to melt any glue residue from the assembly. After cleaning the replacement mirror, dab silicone adhesive at the back of the mirror and carefully place inside the assembly.

Broken driver's side mirror

Getting your side mirror swiped, literally and figuratively, is a very common occurrence. It can be that you miscalculated and hit something with your side mirror. It can be that another vehicle came too close and drove away with your side mirror. Or even worse, your side mirror got stolen. If you're on the road and your side mirror assembly was left hanging, then you can temporarily fix it with a packaging tape. The tape should hold your assembly together until you get to an auto shop or at home. All three scenarios require you to buy an entire side-mirror assembly replacement. Installing the assembly is a bit more complicated that replacing just the mirror. Having it done at the dealership or the auto shop can set you back from $200 to $500. You can save money by replacing it yourself.

Broken rear-view mirror

In some states, you can get away without a passenger side-mirror, or even a damaged driver's side-mirror. On the other hand, the rear-view mirror is non-negotiable. So if your rear-view mirror falls off make sure you put it back or replace it immediately. Mark the place where the rear-view mirror was attached. You will see some adhesive residue, so use a whiteboard marker and mark place on the outer side of the windshield. Next, clean the rear-view mirror area with rubbing alcohol and a razor blade. Make sure that you leave no adhesive residue. Then, apply rearview mirror adhesive on to the mounting plate that would be sticking to the windshield. Let the earlier mark guide you and press the mounting plate for about a minute. Let it dry for about half an hour before you slide on the rear-view mirror.

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  • Keeping Your Toyota Avalon Mirror Clear

    Mirrors are your eyes around your vehicle. If the windshield is your eyes up front then, the mirrors are your eyes around your car. Keeping your vision clear is a matter of safety so you should always make sure that your mirrors function properly. For a big car like the Toyota Avalon, maneuvering on the road needs extra care. You wouldn't want to hit anything, or anyone for that matter. Here are some ways you can do to make sure that your Toyota Avalon mirror is always up to the job.

    Keep it dust free

    Some mirrors have warning on them saying "object are nearer than they appear". If you can hardly see these words then it means you need to clean your mirrors. Dirty mirrors can dull the images reflected in them and this can cause terrible accidents. It's important to see if another vehicle is coming up from behind you or a child is behind your vehicle. Imagine backing up over a small old lady just because you didn't see her properly on your side-mirror or rear-view mirror. Make it a habit to wipe your mirrors clean before driving away. In addition, pay extra attention to your mirrors when washing your cars.

    Remove moisture and fog from your mirrors

    Removing moisture and fog residue can be as easy as wiping it off with a clean rag. If you're a stickler to details then use a lint-free microfiber towel of at least 300GSM. Unlike regular rags, the microfiber towel will not scratch your mirrors. Note that you need a clean rag or towel so as not to spread the dirt on the mirror. For best results, use a different rag for finishing it up.

    Replace when broken

    Most car mirrors can last as long as your vehicle. The service life is normally cut short by accidents, such as getting side swiped by either a vehicle, or something else. When this happens you can troubleshoot temporarily by using your trusty old packaging tape. However, if you broke your mirrors beyond repair then you would need to replace it as soon as possible. It is against the law to drive without functioning car mirrors.