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Toyota Brake Disc

Your Toyota brake disc is the brake part that your brake pads rub against, using the pressure that is applied by the caliper, to slow and then stop your vehicle. There are certain symptoms that can indicate that your Toyota brake disc is in need of your attention, and these include a grabbing sensation when the brake is applied in which one wheel can even lock up, a sharp pulling to one side or the other when braking, a distinct vibration that is felt through the brake pedal itself, and a regular, rhythmic scraping noise that is especially noticeable at low speeds. There are two common problems that you'll likely experience with a Toyota brake disc as it ages, and those are grooves and scratches that often relate to a failure to change the brake pads soon enough, allowing the pad to wear through until the metal below is exposed to damage the rotor and the other is warping, which is generally attributed to being overheated or a failure to dissipate heat properly. On occasion, Toyota brake disc warping can be caused by installing brake dust shields the wrong way, causing excessive heat to be trapped in the brake disc area. A warped Toyota brake disc has to be replaced, and if you are finding that this is happing more frequently than it should, you may want to consider using one of the higher performing Toyota brake disc types, as they are better at dissipating heat, and your diving circumstances may merit the upgrade. If, however, the Toyota brake disc has been scratched or grooved, you may be able to just have the disc resurfaced. This can usually only be done once, and sometimes, in the case of slimmer Toyota brake disc types or deep grooves, not at all. If you need to replace a Toyota brake disc, you can order yours online or via our toll-free telephone number.