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Toyota Brake Dust Shields

Adding a set of Toyota brake dust shields to your vehicle has both cosmetic and practical benefits. In terms of the cosmetic, each time you press the brake pedal, your vehicle is slowed by the brake pads rubbing against the brake disc, which is how your brake pads are gradually worn away and need to be replaced regularly. It is this dust that the Toyota brake dust shields protect against, although dust may be a slight misnomer, as it does not blow away like dust does. Instead, it sticks to your wheels -- a grimy, sticky mess, as it comes from your brake pads, and contains adhesives, metal shavings, and fibers - leaving them looking unkempt and unattractive. It is difficult to clean, often requiring strong solvents, which are not necessarily good for your wheels, tires or hands. In terms of practicality, and using a set of Toyota brake dust shields has much more than mere cosmetic value, this accumulation of grime is not good for the surface of your wheels, as it can become acidic as it collects, and leave discolored spots on the finish of the wheels. After a while, if allowed to accumulate, this brake dust deposit can contribute to corrosion on the wheels. Installing a set of Toyota brake dust shields can prevent the brake dust from settling on your wheels, and installation is a very simple process. When the right size and style are used and are correctly installed, Toyota brake dust shields are perfectly safe for your braking system and will not cause your brake disc to warp due to overheating. Made of durable materials, a set of Toyota brake dust shields will protect your vehicle for years. You can order your Toyota brake dust shields today, either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number, and soon your vehicle will have the protection it needs.

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