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Toyota Celica Parts and Toyota Celica Accessories

Many sports cars are impressive in terms of design and performance, but only a few people buy them because they are very expensive. Economy cars, on the other hand, may be affordable, but their lackluster performance is a reason enough not to purchase them. In an effort to make both ends meet, Toyota begun designing a new car that is sporty yet affordable. And when the company released the product of such design, the Toyota Celica, it became an instant hit.

The Toyota Celica is an affordable sports car introduced by Toyota in 1971 and sold through the 2005 model year. Upon introduction, the vehicle was available only in 2-door coupe body style and was equipped with a sole 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. Through the years, however, a lot of Toyota Celicas were manufactured in various body configurations, including a hatchback model and a convertible model. In fact, seven generations of the vehicle model was produced through the years.

There have been many changes made to the Toyota Celica from its introduction in 1971 until its demise in 2005. In fact, the seven generations of the vehicle model shares only a few things in common, including their name and the fact that all of them are affordable sports cars. All Toyota Celicas were also built around Toyota's high performance four-cylinder engines, although the specifications of these engines differ for different year models. Perhaps the most significant change between generations occurred in 1986, when the car was shifted from a rear wheel drive platform to a front wheel drive platform.

The Toyota Celica had indeed received a lot of revisions from 1971 to 2005. Through the years, however, the Toyota Celica has remained to be the most affordable yet capable sports car that it was from the start. Through the years, the Toyota Celica has been equipped with high quality and high performance Toyota Celica parts that were designed to give the car a true sports car look and performance.