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Toyota Clutch Kit

To efficiently transfer the power from the engine to the transmission, your Toyota uses a device known as a clutch. While the vehicle is moving, the disc of the Toyota clutch kit is pressed into the flywheel, creating a physical lock between the engine and the transmission. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the release bearing pushes out of the transmission, activating the fingers on the clutch plate, which, in turn, pulls the clutch disc away from the flywheel. With the Toyota clutch kit in working order, the transmission will not be harmed from an improperly engaged gear, or the wrong gear. As the high-friction material on the clutch disc wears down, it will become increasingly difficult to transfer power to the transmission. When the vehicle finally stops moving, it will be necessary to install a new Toyota clutch kit. The perfect replacement can be found within the pages of our online catalog at a great price. Our standard Toyota clutch kit includes the clutch disc, clutch plate, an alignment tool, and the release bearing. Installing the new kit is not a job for the novice mechanic. It will require removing the transmission to gain access to the old Toyota clutch kit. The old parts can then be removed and, using the alignment tool, the new clutch can be installed. To prevent future problems, other parts, such as the flywheel and the slave cylinder, should be inspected and replaced if necessary. Doing this during the installation of the Toyota clutch kit will help you avoid the job of removing the transmission again. Order online or via our toll-free telephone number and with our quick order processing, you can have the Toyota clutch kit at your home soon.