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Toyota FJ Cruiser Grille Guard

Tips for Toyota FJ Cruiser Grille Guard Maintenance

The Toyota FJ Cruiser grille guard is meant to protect the grille, bumper, and other components at the front end of your vehicle, so you can expect it to be made of heavy-duty components that can withstand significant punishment from the road. However, despite their innate durability, grille guards must still be maintained properly and at a regular basis to ensure their overall good condition as well as extend their lifespan. In this guide, we'll show you some simple maintenance tips for your vehicle's grille guard.

  • Clean the grille guard regularly.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser grille guards often come in a shiny chrome, aluminum or black matte finish, but over time, mud, dirt, insects, and debris will turn that stylish grille guard into a grimy mess. This is why it is recommended to clean the grille guard regularly not only to keep it looking pristine but also prevent the onset of rust and deterioration. Most grille guards can be cleaned with just a clean rag, dish soap and hot water, although we also recommend using a degreaser and metal polish to make the grille guard look even better.

  • Avoid using strong cleaners.
  • While it is a good idea to clean the grille guard regularly, doing so with strong chemical cleaners and abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool or even old newspapers would actually do more harm than good. Cleaners with concentrated chemicals can actually damage the guard's surface, particularly in the case of aluminum grille guards that tarnish easily. As much as possible, try to use only mild cleaners and cleaning products such as cotton rags or microfiber cloth.

  • Check for rust.
  • Most grille guards sold in the market today often come with a rust-resistant finish that helps protect the guard against rust, but it is still recommended to inspect the body of the grill guard regularly to check for rust. Scratches and dents can scrape off the protective coating, leaving the bare metal exposed to the elements and lead to corrosion. In addition, look for dents, deep scratches and other damage on the guard which might be a source of corrosion later on and have it fixed regularly.

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