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Toyota Fog Light

Toyota fog lights are not only intended to be used during foggy weather conditions but also in other tough and harsh driving conditions like snowy highways, rain-clouded driving view and extremely dark locations. Fog lights are commonly mounted on the front are of the vehicle right below the headlights on the front bumper. Unlike other car lights, it has wider beam pattern meant to be positioned below the normal line of sight to reduce the amount of light reflected to achieve better visibility under adverse driving situations.

Fog lights color can affect the amount of light reflected. Fog lights with red, orange or yellow lights have better capacity to penetrate fog as compared with blue fog lights. Orange or yellow fog lamps have wide dispersion capacity which allows increased range of vision during foggy situations while blue fog lights on the other hand scatters light. Red fog lights can have maximum visibility but it is illegal in some countries thus it is not allowed to be used. White lights are also a good choice since it can give extra illumination in dark locations.

Other auxiliary lights like pencil beams, wide beam lights and wide angle lights can as well be mounted on the vehicle to maximize illumination. Pencil beams produce long, narrow beam of light on a straight line especially on long distances. It can illuminate far objects like road signs even at increased speed. Driving lights with wider beam of lights also illuminate far objects as well as the side areas of the road. Wide angle lights on the other hand can cast lights on objects that are 100 to 200 feet away. It is a good choice when driving on mountainous areas to illuminate surrounding corners and angles.

Anyone interested to mount new Toyota fog lights on their car can simply browse the net to have access to the wide array of designs and styles available. Consulting the informative sites lined up in the net can serve as a guide in choosing the right type of Toyota fog lights for your car.

Toyota Fog Light Models

  • Closer Look at Toyota Fog Light

    If a Toyota fog light set did not come stock on your vehicle, you may want to consider making the addition yourself. A Toyota fog light set is a great way to be sure that you can see as well as possible during fog and other challenging weather conditions. While your headlights will often just reflect back at you when you try to use them to help you through the fog, the lower pointing Toyota fog light set will help you see the road and let you relax that white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. Installing a Toyota fog light set will also help to make you more visible to other drivers, which helps to keep everybody safer. The average Toyota fog light kit will have everything you need to have a complete fog light set up, and will often come with a pre-wired harness that makes installation fast and easy. In addition to featuring a variety of Toyota fog light kits, our online catalog also has an excellent selection of parts to repair a Toyota fog light that is malfunctioning, ranging from bulbs to lenses to the entire lamp itself. Like all of our parts and accessories, we make our Toyota fog light parts and kits available at prices that are well within the range of affordability, and you can add this smart safety feature without spending an excessive amount of money. Ordering your Toyota fog light parts or kit from us is always safe and convenient, as our online ordering site is well-encrypted for your protection, and our toll-free telephone number will connect you to an efficient and pleasant customer service representative. If your Toyota fog light parts or kit order is $50 or more, we'll be happy to send it out to you, via ground shipping, free of charge, as we do with all parts and accessories orders of that amount or greater.