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Toyota Highlander Running Board Kit

Inspecting the Toyota Highlander Running Board Kit for Problems

A running board is where a person steps on in order to climb up and down a vehicle with ease. This particular accessory is one of the most common and functional features of large vehicles, most especially trucks, vans, and SUVs like the Toyota Highlander. The running board is attached on the lower part of the vehicle by the foot of the door on each side. It comes with a long bar and brackets that attach the board to the vehicle's body. For consumers who happen to have a Toyota Highlander, it is very important that you know when to look for problems on your running board since you will be relying on it so much. Here are a couple of things you can be wary of when assessing your Toyota Highlander running board kit:

Dents and cracks

It is very easy to spot problems on the running board of a Toyota Highlander. You can simply look at all the corners and carefully inspect the part in case there are dents and cracks on the board. If you notice even the smallest dent or crack, then you should consider getting a replacement soon. If the running board is busted, it might no longer be able to carry the same weight it does when the board is in perfect condition. Cracks may affect the strength of the running board regardless of its size and the tightness of screws.

Slippery boards

There may also come a time when the surface of your Toyota Highlander's running board gets slippery, especially when it often gets wet and exposed to different kinds of road particles like mud and sand. While it's true that the running board's surface is equipped with a non-slip material that is usually made of rubber, you can never be so sure of its durability. Once you find that the non-slip material is starting to get detached from the running board, get any item you can find that can stick the rubber back on the board. Also, try to keep the board dry at all times as this could lessen the possibility of the surface getting slippery.

Loose screws

The screws are what attach the running board to the bottom part of your Highlander's door. And if you see some screws falling off, take the time to grab a screwdriver and tighten them before driving your vehicle. This will only take a couple of minutes, so you don't have to worry about running late for your appointment. Usually, you can notice loose screws when you step on the running board. If it seems like the board cannot carry your weight and feels like it will fall off when you step on it, then there might be a problem with the screws.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Toyota Highlander Running Board Kit in Good Condition

    Installing a running board on your Toyota Highlander is one of the most effective ways in providing achieving convenience and comfort each time you get on the vehicle. But after some time, the entire running board on each side of your Highlander will surely get defective and worn out. Various reasons may cause the damage, but one thing is for sure: the life of your Toyota Highlander running board kit can be prolonged in simple ways. If you want the best for your vehicle, just follow these maintenance tips:

    • Keep the board dry.

      This is perhaps the simplest way to keep your running board in tiptop condition. Any kind of liquid substance can affect the surface of the board's non-slip material, and this may cause the rubber to deteriorate after some time. So in order to prevent this from happening, make it a point to keep the boards dry all the time. Although it is inevitable for the accessory to get exposed to wetness, it wouldn't hurt if you can remove any substance immediately. Simply use a rag or small cloth in wiping off dirt and liquid substances from the running board.

    • Check the screws from time to time.

      Every once in a while, check if each of the screws is properly attached on the part. This way, you can prevent the board from falling off the vehicle, especially while you are driving in the middle of the road. The moment you see or feel loose screws when you step on the running board, grab your handy screwdriver and tighten every single one of them.

    • Inspect the rubber flooring.

      The rubber material on the surface of the running board is the most important part of the entire board assembly. This is what prevents people from slipping or losing balance every time they step on the running board when getting in and out of the vehicle. And this is why it is also imperative for you to make sure that the rubber is in good condition all the time. Allot a couple of minutes during your spare time in inspecting the running board flooring. If you notice any slippery substance on it, wipe it out. And if it begins deteriorating, consider getting a replacement after a couple of weeks.

    • Prevent the boards from getting rusty.

      Rust is one of the common culprits in running board damage. In order to keep this from happening, spray some paint or coating on the metal parts of your boards at least once every couple of months. Make sure that the paint is developed to prevent rust effectively. And if you want to, you can also spray a small amount on the running boards themselves.