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Toyota Knock Sensor

Your Toyota knock sensor is an important part of seeing to it that your combustion system functions as it should. As its name indicates, your Toyota knock sensor detects the vibration that engine knocking and pinging can cause. The knocking and pinging is typically related to improper combustion, taking place outside of the correct location or just a touch too early and, if allowed to continue, could result in expensive damage to the sensitive inner parts of the combustion chamber, such as within the pistons. When the Toyota knock sensor picks up the vibration of the pinging and knocking, it signals the vehicle's computer, which, in turn, makes adjustments to the combustion process and timing. When your Toyota knock sensor malfunctions or fails, the computer of your vehicle is not going to get the reliable information that it needs to see to it that the process of combustion is as balanced as it needs to be for your vehicle to perform as well and efficiently as it should. Replacing your Toyota knock sensor is not a complex procedure, and when you shop with us for your replacement part, it will not be an expensive one, either. Our online catalog contains an extensive selection of aftermarket parts and accessories for your vehicle, and once you enter your basic vehicle information, you'll quickly find the right Toyota knock sensor for your year and model of Toyota. You can order your Toyota knock sensor online, via our secure site, or you can dial our toll-free telephone number and place your order directly with one of our capable and courteous customer service specialists.