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Toyota Land Cruiser Windshield Wiper Arm

Usual Indications of Problems with the Toyota Land Cruiser Windshield Wiper Arm

The windshield wiper arm holds the wiper blade on one side and pivots from the wiper motor on the other. Without the wiper arm, the windshield would not move at all because the wiping motion is not transferred from the wiper motor. Since the windshield wiper arm is located in front of the windshield, it is exposed to a lot of damaging elements. Following are some signs that the Toyota Land Cruiser wiper arm is taking its toll from these elements:

One wiper moving slower than the other

Your wipers are supposed to move in unison or with the same speed. If you notice that one is moving slower than the other, there may be an issue with the windshield wiper arm. This problem is usually caused by the retaining nut that holds the base of the wiper arm. The retaining nut is located at the bottom of the windshield, exposing it to different elements that can make it loose. To solve the problem, you can take out your adjustable wrench and tighten the retaining nut.

Wiper does not move

Loss of wiping motion is a more serious issue of a loose retaining nut. If you experience this problem, your retaining nut may be very loose to the point that it does not hold the wiper arm at all. That being said, you need to check the retaining nut of the problematic windshield wiper arm. It may be very loose or has actually gone missing already. You need to tighten it with a wrench or replace it before hitting the road again.

Stuck Toyota Land Cruiser windshield wiper arm

There would be instances when you need to remove the wiper arm even though you are not going to replace it. If you are having a difficulty taking it out, there is an obvious issue with its base that connects to the retaining nut. Because of its exposure to water and moisture, the wiper arm mayrust. When rust develops on the base of the windshield wiper arm, it can stick to the retaining bolt and make it hard to remove.

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  • Proper Care for Your Toyota Land Cruiser Windshield Wiper Arm

    Your windshield wiper arm is the component in your wiper system that holds the wiper blade and secures its position against the windshield. It also connects the blade to the wiper motor, transferring the wiping motion which is essential in cleaning your windshield. Issues with your wiper arm can affect the wiper blade and provide blurry road visibility. With this in mind, you need to properly take care of your wiper arm. Following are some tips:

    Do not use the wiper when the windshield is filled with snow.

    The wiper system is designed only to clear off light elements such as water, snow, and dust from your windshield. During the winter where a lot of snow can accumulate on your windshield, it is recommended to avoid the use of wiper to remove them. Instead, you should wait for your defroster to melt the snow. The buildup may be too heavy for the wiper to take off. It can break your wiper arm or even burn out the wiper motor.

    Be mindful of rust spots.

    If you have a metal wiper arm, you should be very cautious of rust development. Your wiper arm is located right in front of your windshield, exposing it to water and moisture which are main agents for rusting. A rusted windshield wiper arm can be a leap closer to breaking because most of its metal parts can be eaten up by rust. That is why once you notice a small spot of rust on your arm, remove it immediately.

    Paint your Toyota Land Cruiser windshield wiper arm.

    Your wiper arm is an integral aesthetic component of your SUV. With this, you need to make sure it always looks good. Painting it would be a lot of improvement. It also adds a protective layer against rusting. However, if you plan on doing this, make sure you know what kind of paint and primer to use.

    Place your Toyota Land Cruiser windshield wiper arm on the down position all the time.

    Your wiper arm is spring-loaded and is set to be pressed against your windshield. If you are replacing the wiper blade, take extra care as your wiper arm can smash into the windshield. When this happens, the glass can crack and the arm can break.