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Toyota MR2 Fender

We have a lot of fast vehicles today, and most of them are equipped with the most powerful V6 and V8 engines that their manufacturers have produced. But despite being fast and powerful, not all of these cars are called sports cars. Why? Simply because being a sports car is not only about being fast and furious. Sports cars are equipped with body parts and mechanical parts that help them dominate the road. They are also equipped with very stylish and sporty body panels that provide them with the sports car spirit.

Among the more popular sports cars we have today is the Toyota MR2. The Toyota MR2 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car manufactured and sold by Toyota since 1984 and is still in production today. From 1984 to 1995, the car was sold in the U.S. in sports coupe body style, but from 2000 until the present, it sports a soft top convertible body style and is called the Toyota MR2 Spyder. But on whatever body style, the Toyota MR2 performed as a true sports car and was equipped with aggressively styled body panel parts.

Among the aggressive and stylish body panel parts that Toyota MR2s are equipped with are the Toyota MR2 fenders. The fenders refer to the body panels that extend from the front corner of the hood back to the edges of the front door, enclosing the wheel well and hiding it from the public's view. The main function of the fender is to block the splashing of water and mud. But because they are meant to cover the front-side portion of the car, fenders have also been used as major styling components.

As in the case of many other cars, stock Toyota MR2 fenders are made of sheet metal, usually of the same type of sheet metal that the other body panel parts of the car is equipped with. These sheet metal fenders are also usually welded on their place. But because of customization, you can find a lot of Toyota MR2 equipped with rubber-like plastic fenders or carbon fiber fenders. Most of these custom Toyota MR2 fenders also feature a bolt on design, where the fenders are secured in place by bolts rather than by being welded.

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