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Toyota MR2 Timing Belt Kit

Easy Fixes for Simple Toyota MR2 Timing Belt Kit Troubles

For the sporty Toyota MR2, performance is its pride. With its supercharged engine and stylish body the MR2 is definitely one of the most popular mid-engine rear-wheel drive sports cars in the market. Now imagine this beautiful vehicle getting towed because of a broken timing belt. Unfortunately, when a vehicle's engine stops due to bad timing belts, it's already too late. Broken timing belts result to even more painful damage to the valves and other engine parts. Here are some issues to look out for so you can address them and save your beloved Toyota MR2 from having serious engine damages due to timing belt failure.

Engine vibration

When driving, you notice that your normally quiet and calm MR2 suddenly begins making awful noises or, if suddenly you feel your engine trembling, then it's time to take a look under the hood. Check the condition of your timing belt. The timing belt connects the cam shaft and the crankshaft, the parts that control the movement of your valves and pistons. Weak timing belts disrupt the harmony of the motion between the cam shaft and the crankshaft.

Struggling to start

It's simply embarrassing to have your impressive MR2 start acting up in public. Like a stubborn child, the MR2 will refuse to start when it has worn timing belts or they're the verge of breaking. The timing belt ensures that the cam shaft and the crankshaft work in perfect synchronization so that the engine can work properly. If simple actions like starting up or idling are becoming a struggle for your MR2 then you better brace yourself as it'll just get even worse if left unattended.

Get yourself a Toyota MR2 timing belt kit

The good news is that if you manage to catch the timing belt still intact and just worn, you can buy a Toyota MR2 timing belt kit and replace them yourself. Normally, dealers and mechanics will replace the timing belt for an average of $800 to $1300. More than half of the price would go to the labor cost as the procedure takes between than three and six hours. You will be saving yourself at least $500 if you do the replacements by yourself. This is also still cheaper than letting the timing belt break and cause costly damages to your valves and engine.

When it's over

You and your car cannot ignore your timing belt. When you have ignored the first few signs then get yourself and your pocket ready as the next sign is when the engine completely stalls and refuse to start. This means that your car has damaged valves and even some damaged engine parts. By this time, you will have no choice but to have your lovely MR2 get towed to the shop and pay for a professional's help.

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  • Taking Care of Your Toyota MR2 Timing Belt Kit

    Toyota MR2 timing belts are made with sturdy synthetic rubber and normally last between 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Despite its durability, timing belt replacements are unavoidable as the rubber, being close to all the heat and chemicals in the engine, is susceptible to breaking. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your Toyota MR2 timing belt kit.

    Be aware

    When your timing belt begins to weaken, your car will let you know. You just have to know what signs to look for. Be on the lookout for engine vibration, rough start-up and idling, and more than normal exhaust discharge. These are just a few subtle messages that your Toyota Mr2 sends to remind you to do routine check under the hood and the engine. At this point, take this opportunity to buy a new Toyota MR2 Timing Belt Kit.

    Do visual inspection

    Do regular visual inspections. Don't wait for the signs to check the conditions of your timing belts. Look for frayed and worn tooth fabric. Check for cracks on the teeth and in between the rubber teeth. Also look out for any signs of antifreeze and oil stains on the belt. Finally, check the rubber to see any signs of thinning and deterioration due to the heat it was constantly subjected to.

    Follow replacement intervals

    Timing belt caused damages are hideously expensive compared to buying a Toyota MR2 timing belt kit. The only way to avoid shelling out wads of cash is to prevent it from happening. Replacement intervals are indicated in your service manuals and should be religiously followed to avoid more serious damages to the engine. The range for the intervals can vary from every 50,000 to 105,000 miles, depending on your model and make. For the Toyota MR2, the standard timing belt replacement interval is every 60,000 miles. Do this religiously and you will never have to worry about your MR2 breaking down over broken timing belts.


    In this case, the old adage of "if it is not broken, why fix it?" will not work. One does not simply wait for the timing belt to break before springing to action. Instead, this is a time, that the saying "prevention is better than the cure" apply, and prevention is certainly cheaper. If left alone to break, the bad timing belt will result to costly repairs. Sadly, in older cars, the repair cost end being more than the actual price of the car itself.