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Toyota Paseo Door Handle

Problems Commonly Seen in Toyota Paseo Door Handles

Sometimes, when you're in a hurry, you're in a tendency to slam your car door. You might defend this as making sure that you've closed the door before your leave, but doing this puts undue stress on a car door handle. Car door handles are an important part if you want to get in and out of your car effortlessly. Oftentimes, people tend to neglect them, and they end up getting locked out of their cars with no other way of getting through. Learn to take heed of a car door handle's warning signals to avoid this scenario:


Sometimes, if you are a person with a hectic schedule, you would slam your door again and again. You can't avoid it, since you are always rushing. The problem is doing this develops tiny cracks on your plastic door handles. Do it again and again, and you may find that the crack on it may become bigger, enough to cause your handle to fall off. Learn to spot the tiny cracks in your door handle before any problem of this size happens to it.

Brittle plastic

Door handles are often made of plastic. While this makes repair and replacement easier for you, there are inconveniences to it. Plastic can become brittle over time and this makes for very easy breakdowns which might cause you to change your plastic door handles often. Plastic also makes it very easy for you to accidentally damage your door handle by yourself, further complicating your problems.

Mechanical failure

A car door handle is the only visible part of a series of mechanisms that work to keep your car locked and help it to open. When one or more of these parts go, particularly the ones connected to the door handle, you may have an unresponsive door. To remedy this situation, you should regularly pay attention to the inner mechanisms of your car door, with extra attention going to your door handle.

Other possible issues

Like anything that becomes old with time, an old door handle could become a problem for you. Someone with a lot of strength or the abuses of time can easily get your door handle broken down. To avoid this, simply pay attention to the condition of your door handle. Your best bet would be to replace your door handle when possible, and as needed.

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  • Ways to Preserve Your Toyota Paseo Door Handle's Mint Condition

    Car door handles are one of the most neglected parts of a car. This is because looking at them, there seems to be no sudden recognition of anything significant they can do. However, when you think about it, car door handles do pose a huge problem to people in the event that they break down and fail to help people in simply getting in and out of their cars. To keep your door handles working and to avoid problems like these, consider the following tips:

    Check if your door handles and assembly works

    You might have neglected your door handle for some time now, and you're not sure if you need to replace it or you just have to repair it. Door handles rely on their mechanisms to open up for you. If one or more parts in the assembly do not work, you're in big trouble. Always remember to regularly check if these mechanisms are properly working. Apply grease in specific areas of the mechanism to make sure that your car door handle and its mechanisms are working just fine.

    Glue and bend broken handles

    You might not be able to stop yourself from severely damaging your door handles, most especially if they are already brittle and on the verge of collapse. To avoid this, check the shape of your door handles. Being commonly made of plastic, chances are you can still patch it up if the damage isn't too great. All you need is your basic glue gun and a glue stick to mend your broken door handle.

    Paint your door handles

    While painting your door handle may sound purely cosmetic, think again. Door handles, especially metal-crafted door handles, suffer from the constant battering of outside forces. If you live in an area that is wet all the time, your door handle may suffer from rust or corrosion. To avoid this, owners like you could consider covering your door handles with a coat of paint. Paint helps in keeping water away from the metal, effectively stopping oxidation and corrosion.

    In case of replacement, choose the right handles

    Buying door handles off the bat doesn't mean that you could mix and match door handles from different makes and models. Door handles are replaced based on the specific make and model of a car. Using a door handle for the same make, but different model, wouldn't work most of the time.