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Toyota Paseo Wheel HUB

The Toyota Paseo was a sporty performance car loosely based on the Tercel that was introduced in 1991. It was known as the Cynos in Japan. The Paseo was available as a coupe and a convertible and was smaller and less expensive than the Celica. The front-drive Paseo replaced the 2-door Corolla GT-S and SR5 in 1992. The Paseo didn't achieve significant success during its run and can be considered an obscure model today since not a lot of people know about it.

The Toyota Paseo was a tidily designed coupe with a rather conservative and bland styling. The standard equipment that came with it were nothing special, they usually consisted of plastic trim materials in the interiors. Other standard equipment in the ST version included electric front windows, removable glass sunroof, twin airbags, and an alarm immobilizer. Meanwhile, in the Si version, a rear spoiler, alloy wheels and a SOny CD system was included.

The Paseo is an enjoyable car and is fun to drive, although equipped with a more modest engine than most of its rivals. Agile handling adds safety in emergency maneouvers. Meanwhile, the Paseo does well in reliability, being a Toyota. Although it is already a discontinued model, people can still buy a safe and reliable used Toyota Paseo. It is in fact an excellent used car buy because of its good reliability, handling, sufficient luggage capacity and other features that should have pitched well for the Paseo.

Spicing up a sporty performance car like the Toyota Paseo is easy if you know what to do and what to add on. Accessories such as spoilers, bumpers and rims ups the sporty car look it has. Toyota Paseo rims are perfect accessories to install in this little coupe. Not only will it provide the right look, it can also slightly improve the performance and handling given by the wheels. Toyota Paseo Rims are available from top notch auto parts stores offering hard to find parts such as these. Toyota Paseo rims are manufactured under the most stringent quality control measures.

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