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Toyota Performance Pulleys

What a Toyota performance pulley does is to increase the efficiency of a pulley operated part in your vehicle, using a lighter weight and slower pulley, without sacrificing performance, to run the part. Often the pulleys in your vehicle, such as that on the water pump, the alternator, and other accessories and parts, run faster than they need to and could run slower, thus drawing less energy or horsepower from the engine. While a single Toyota performance pulley can make a difference in the amount of horsepower that is available to you, many people choose to install a Toyota performance pulley set, maximizing the gains by substituting the major pulleys in their vehicle for more efficient versions. In addition to offering better performance through freeing up horsepower, there are many Toyota performance pulley sets that are also designed to be pleasing to the eye as well, with their polished aluminum finishes or bright and shiny colors, such as red, looking fabulous under the hood, adding that customized, serious performance look. You'll find that our online catalog, which features the full range of aftermarket parts and accessories, as well as performance upgrade options and customization kits, offers an excellent Toyota performance pulley selection, with many high quality, affordable options to choose from. You can easily locate the Toyota performance pulley options best for your specific year and model of vehicle by entering that information, after which our online catalog will present you with a suitable list to choose from. When you're ready to order your Toyota performance pulley, a single pulley or a complete set, you can place your order online using our well-encrypted site or you can dial our toll-free telephone number and speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service specialists.

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