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Toyota Pickup Suspension Kit

Troubleshooting your Toyota Pickup

Your Toyota pickup is a very practical vehicle-it can haul numerous items at a time and brave some pretty rough conditions. Your pickup truck is a work horse, actually; however, it's bound to suffer after the miles have piled on. Some components that could falter after years of punishment are your suspension parts. When these items malfunction, your vehicle handling, stability, and driving comfort will be seriously compromised. Below you'll find a few simple ways to troubleshoot your suspension system. Once you've identified what's wrong and what needs replacing, then it will be a lot simpler to remedy the problem through the use of a Toyota pickup suspension kit.

Veering to one side

As you drive, you may notice your vehicle drifting towards the left or the right, which could indicate that the springs of your vehicle are weak and in need of replacing. This could also indicate that your steering linkage components are loose and in need of tightening. You may also want to take a look at the front wheel bearing. If they are severely worn, then have them replaced right away.

Bouncing, dipping, and other excess movements

If your ride experiences lingering bounces after going over a road bump, then your suspension may need checking. Excessive sway while turning is another indication that you might have worn out shocks or struts. If these components are busted, then you're also likely to experience vehicle dipping whenever you hit the brakes. Excessive vehicle movement could additionally mean that you have a broken leaf spring. In case you experience these annoyances on the road, have your components checked and have worn parts replaced immediately.

Moisture around the shock absorbers

Get under your vehicle and take a look at the shock absorbers. You may need to jack your ride up and prop it with jack stands for better visibility and safety. If they are covered in some form of liquid, then it's more than likely that your shock absorbers are leaking, which would explain their failure to perform adequately. In this case, you must have your shock absorbers replaced right away in order to restore your suspension's reliability and functionality.

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  • How to Properly Maintain Your Toyota Pickup Suspension Kit

    Your pickup's suspension system is subjected to some serious road punishment day in and day out, which would lead to suspension damage. When this happens, you should have your busted suspension components replaced right away using a new Toyota pickup suspension kit. Once your new suspension parts are installed, you'll want to ensure that they stay in working condition for as long as possible. And even though many factors that damage your suspension parts-like weather and road conditions-are out of your control, you still have many options on how to prolong suspension system longevity.

    • Guarantee shock absorber and wheel alignment.
    • You'll want to ensure that your shock absorbers are in line with your wheels as this will prevent premature shock absorber damage. It comes highly recommended that you have a certified mechanic or an auto expert to do this, because suspension systems are based on numerous calculations that help keep it balanced. On the other hand, if you choose to do the aligning yourself, you're very much free to do so. However, you must be sure to consult your owner's manual.
    • Examine your shock absorbers.
    • To ensure that suspension system performance is not at risk, you must take a look at you should monitor the condition of your shock absorbers on a regular basis. It's best that you check your shock absorbers every three to five years, depending on manufacturer specifications. When examining your shock absorbers, you must look out for any leaks or cracks in the absorbers as these are clear indications of damage.
    • Test your vehicle's suspension.
    • There are a few tests you can perform on your vehicle in order to figure out whether your suspension parts are still in tip-top shape. One test is to drive your Toyota pickup over an uneven surface with no radio on and with the windows rolled down. Keep a keen ear out for squeaking noises coming from the wheels. In case this sound is produces, then your suspension may need lubrication or, in extreme cases, replacement. On the other hand, if you hear a loud clunking sound, then your suspension system needs to be greased. Also watch out for vibrations from the wheels, which can indicate that your tires aren't properly inflated. If indeed they aren't, then you shock absorbers alignment might get thrown off.