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Toyota Pickup Window Motor

Reasons behind Toyota Pickup Window Motor Problems

You are stuck in traffic and have nothing else to do. You look over to your left and see that the hot gal driving the car next to you is looking at you. She opens her automatic window and smiles. You attempt to do the same but find out that your window would not move an inch. And then the traffic moves. Problems with your automatic window are often caused by a faulty window motor. But before you go cursing your window motor for making you lose the girl, it is best that you know what causes these problems and how you can solve them.

Frozen window

As another way to annoy you, your car window sometimes refuses to go up or down. This is annoying, why? Ask that when you find yourself with an open window while you drive on a dusty road or with a closed window during the summer's climax.

Frozen windows can be caused by a lot of things, among it is the window motor. Focusing on the window motor, it may be that voltage does not reach the motor. To diagnose this problem, we need to know what prevents the voltage from reaching your Toyota Pickup window motor.

The first thing to blame is the wiring connection in the window motor assembly. There is a chance that connections became too loose or have been torn; you can use a test light to see if the wires are still in working condition. The second thing to blame is the motor itself. Although recent window motors offered in the market and installed in cars are sturdier, they are still prone to wearing out and damage. You can check the status of the motor by detaching it from the assembly and applying voltage on it. The third and last thing to blame is the connection between the switch and the motor. There may be a cut or loose part in the wire, preventing the motor from receiving the command of the switch.

Stuck window

There is a possibility that your car's window would only slide one way. This can be caused by a lot of things such as the window regulator, the control buttons, as well as the window motor.

Stuck windows are usually caused by regulator problems, but there are still cases that it isn't the problematic part. If you suspect that the window motor is the one to blame, you would need to look at the three things mentioned above (the motor wirings, the connection to the switch, and the motor itself).

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  • Keep Your Toyota Pickup Window Motor in Shape

    Automatic windows are great for a number of reasons: one, rolling the window down is too much of an effort; two, it looks cool; three, you do not need to adjust the way you sit just to give the handle some room for torque; and four, did we mention that it looks cool? However, all of these will go down the drain if you do not take care of your window motor. So here are a few steps you can take to keep the motor in good condition:

    Stop pushing the window controls

    Every time you and your kids press the "up" and "down" button of the window controls, it wears the window motor. In turn, every time you and your kids press the buttons just for the fun of it, it creates unnecessary stress to window motor. We advise that you stop playing with the buttons and find something else to play with.

    The crud is not a design; clean it

    Give extra attention to the curd that formed in the part of the motor that spins. That, my friend, is not a design; it is dirt and oil that build-up after some time.

    The usual solution for this is sand paper. Using sand paper gets the job done but you have to make sure that you do not sand too roughly; a few light wipes would do the job.

    Also clean the motor's housing

    In case you're wondering where the housing of the window motor is, it is the hole where you place the motor. Since it is an open space, it is one of the favorite hangouts of dirt, dust, and oil. No matter how hidden the window motor assembly is, dirt proves its skill by making sure that it build-up inside it.

    As a car-loving person that you are, you need to clean it. Cleaning the window motor can be done as often as four times a year or at least twice a year. Also, you have to be careful not to wipe the dirt or dust into the housing. It is better if you disconnect the housing and lightly tap the dirt out. You can brush or wipe the housing after tapping most of the dirt out.