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Toyota Pickup Window Regulator

Ways to Troubleshoot Your Toyota Pickup Window Regulator

One of the most common inconveniences that car owners have is not being able to roll their windows up or down. If this is happening to you, then there might be a problem with your Toyota Pickup window regulator. However, just because it is not working doesn't already mean you need to replace it. Most of the cases of regulator failure can actually be caused by another component. If you want to know what they are, try these tips:

Test the wiring harness

Sometimes, the window regulator's failure is caused by a fault in the intervening wiring. To gain access to its connections, pry the switch panel up with your fingers and probe the connectors. If you can't do that, you might have to remove the panel itself first. The panels at the door are held on with a variety of fasteners. Study them first and know which tools to use before taking them out one by one. This way, you can still reuse these hardware pieces when you put back the door panel.

Examine the switches

The easiest way to do this is to access the motor harness plug and check its functionality with a 12-volt test light. Before doing this, however, unplug the motor and probe the one of the wiring harnesses. Then, operate the window regulator's switch with the key on and check if the test light turns on when the switch is activated. Note that the wires should show power when the switch is pushed to roll the window up and when pushed again to roll it down. If no power is supplied in either or both direction, then the fuse might be blown or defective.

Investigate the motor

If the fuse is good and all of the wiring connections are plugged in, it might be time to examine the window motor. A technical way of doing this is to check for the proper voltage at the power window plug while the switch is depressed. You will need an ohm meter for this one. However, if you don't have access to this tool, simply access the motor and tap it with a hammer. Do this to the motor while holding the switch in the direction you want the window to move. If the window rolls, then there's something wrong with the motor. Sometimes, the window regulator's motor develops a "dead spot" that can be activated by the tap of a hammer. However, note that tapping it is not a fix; you will have to replace the faulty component.

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  • Tips on Keeping Your Toyota Pickup Window Regulator in Top Shape

    The component that rolls your window up and down when you press the switch is known as the Toyota Pickup window regulator. However, over time this component can break down and provide inconvenience to you and your passengers. Because replacing the window regulator can be expensive and oftentimes unnecessary, you need to keep it fully functional through regular maintenance. If you don't know where to start, try these tips:

    Oil the window regulator.

    If you start hearing a squeaking noise whenever you raise or lower your vehicle's window, then the window regulator might need lubrication. To do this, you will not need to remove the door panel. At the bottom of the door, there are four plugs that give access to the adjusting bolts for the window regulator. Remove those and you can access its rails for greasing. This maintenance procedure can be done in five minutes. If you are installing a new window regulator, grease its other components first including the coiled spring, window guides, and the crank shaft gear. This way, the new regulator will work for a longer time.

    Clean the window regulator.

    If this is not your first time lubricating the window regulator, you should clean it up first before reapplying oil or grease. This is because the old lubricant can cake or dry out while it's still on the component. When cleaning, you will have to remove the door panel. Remember to take safety precautions beforehand by setting the car in park and putting on the emergency brake. Also make sure that the engine is turned off and the negative cable clamp is detached from the battery. This will prevent you from getting electrocuted while you are accessing the door panel.

    Replace the window regulator bushings.

    The component that centers the motor in the window regulator is what you call the bushing. This item can wear out over time, and when it does, it prevents the gear from fully engaging the teeth on the regulator. Instead of waiting for this to happen, it's better to replace the bushings every two years to keep your window regulator functional.