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Toyota Rav4 Side Marker Lights

Toyota Rav4 Side Marker Problems: Three Common Symptoms and Possible Reasons

The side marker lights of your Toyota Rav4 are designed to show the vehicle's position on the road from oblique angles. Although this is not mandated by law, it is proven to be helpful for other drivers especially when you're travelling at night. If you begin to notice that the side marker lights of your vehicle are acting anything but normal, then you should do some troubleshooting immediately. Here are some of the common problems you can encounter with faulty side marker lights:

Side marker lights are not functioning.

If you notice that both your Toyota Rav4 side marker lights are not functioning, you need to check the bulbs if they are already busted. However, if the bulbs are working fine, then you should locate the fuse box of your car and find the fuse for both the side markers. You should also observe if the turn lights of your car are working fine because if they have the same fuse with the side marker lights and only the side marker lights are not working, then the wiring of the side marker lights maybe the source of the problem.

Side marker lights are working but not blinking.

When the side marker lights of your Toyota Rav4 light up but they don't blink or flash, you have to determine if the side marker lights on the model and year of your Rav4 are designed to blink. Otherwise, the lights will remain steady whatever you do. However, if they are designed to blink and suddenly they've stopped, then what you should check is the connection of the wires-maybe some of the wires are just loosely connected.

Side marker lights won't detach from the mount.

To remove the side marker lights of your Toyota Rav4 correctly, you have to be familiar with the wiring diagram of the side marker lights first. Most side marker lights designed on a Toyota Rav4 have clips attached to the wires. If you're having a hard time separating those two because you have inadequate space to work on, then you have to remove the headlights first. If this still doesn't give you room, then you have to take off the tire and remove half of the plastic wheel well cover to get to the side marker lights.

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  • Toyota Rav4 Side Marker Lights: Sure Steps to Keep Them Shining Brightly

    Your Toyota Rav4 side marker lights are easy to maintain because you won't need to spend a lot on cleaning materials. In spite of that, the key in keeping them in good condition is by maintain them regularly. Otherwise, dirt and grime can build up, and they might cause the side marker lights to malfunction. To prevent this from happening, follow these maintenance tips that can help you prolong the service life of your car's side marker lights.

    Clean your car's side marker lights.

    Basically, cleaning your Toyota Rav4 side marker lights is the same as washing the headlights of your car. You need to use same materials like car soap, clean rag, and water. When you clean side marker lights, make sure that you rub them thoroughly to remove all the dirt and grime. If you don't have car soap, you can use regular toothpaste and a clean rag. Just be careful not to use whitening or mint toothpastes because they could damage the surface of the side marker lights.

    Remove the side marker lights of your Toyota Rav4 properly.

    If you need to remove the side marker lights of your Toyota Rav4 to inspect or clean it, you should do the right procedure to prevent damaging the lights and the other parts beside them. The side marker light on the passenger side is quite easy to remove because you only need to locate the bolts and the screws holding it. Detaching the side marker light on the driver's side, however, is a bit difficult because you still need to find the small clip located on the rear edge of the engine compartment and pull it out. If you are having a hard time, you can remove the headlight so you'll have more room to work.

    Make sure your new side marker lights assembly is complete before you install it.

    Upgrading your stock side marker lights to LED is not just a simple replacement. You need to include resistors to the ground wire on the wiring connection. This will help maintain the correct flow of wattage from the bulb to the fuse. Otherwise, the LED lights will blink too fast because of the lack of voltage, and it may cause a wiring problem in the long run.