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Why You Experience Problems with the Ford Ranger Door Handle

Do you know how many movies had the scene where the protagonist or the cops race toward their car before engaging in an awesome car chase? Well, we don't either. But have you ever wondered what will happen if the door handles of the cars suddenly break? It would probably have been a great day for those villains. You don't need to be in a movie or to be part of what will soon become an awesome car chase to experience problems with the door handle. Car owners often find themselves in a helpless situation because the door handles suddenly snapped or won't function. Don't let this happen to you by knowing the reasons behind the problems as well as the solutions.

Faulty handles

The most common problem experienced with car door handles is that they only open from the inside. Contrary to what most people believe, this is not a problem with the lock or with the entire door handle assembly. If you take a look inside the assembly, you will be able to see clips that are connected to the lock. If you have faulty handles, there is chance that this clip has gotten loose or has been damaged. The clip can go bad through time; the constant shakes and opening/closing of the doors are enough to loosen the clip's hold on the assembly.

Broken handles

If you pay attention every time you hold your car door handles, you would notice that they are made of plastic. And as we all know, plastics are easy to snap, break, and get chipped. No matter what brand you buy or no matter how expensive your car is, this happens. The common reasons for these problems are: sudden or rough pulls and the snapping back of the handle. Most car owners pull the handle too high and/or grasp it too roughly; they also tend to just let the handle snap back into place rather than slowly letting the handle go. We stress that the handles are made of plastic, sudden or too much force can break them.

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  • Tips for Proper Ford Ranger Door Handle Care

    Let's face it, door handles are not the first things we have in mind when we say car maintenance. Door handles just seem to be one of those parts that will forever be there, like the gas pedal, the clutch, or the pine tree air freshener. But once again, our simple reasoning fails us when we find ourselves with a broken, melted, or chipped handles. It is during these times that we get to say: "I should've taken care of it." But that sentence comes after: "Oh, this part can break?!" To help you take proper care of your Ford Ranger door handle, we listed three simple tips for you.

    Handle it gently

    We would like to point out that no matter how hard you grab the door handle, the door will open the same way it'll open if you have a gentler touch. On the same note, the door will still open if you just pull it to a 45- to 50-degree angle rather than pull it all the way to 90 degrees. Remember that the door handle is most made of plastic so too much force or sudden snaps can break it.

    Hitting doesn't solve lock problems

    It seems that hitting the door near the door handle became the remedy for lock problems. Why? Because, in most cases, it works. However, we would like to remind you that door handles (and even the car doors) have clips and springs inside that can go loose if you keep on banging them. We advise you to just get the lock problem checked rather than settling for the old hit-the-door trick. Since lock problems are usually caused by loose clips, you aren't exactly making the situation better by hitting the door.

    Coat it with chrome

    There are a lot of kits to help you coat the door handle with chrome; local shops and centers also offer this service at a reasonable price. Chrome coating gives the door handle a good finish and makes it more durable. The coat protects the plastic from direct exposure to the sun's rays as well as seals the handle from oxygen and other gases, prolonging its service life.