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Toyota Sienna Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

Toyota Sienna Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly: Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

The shock absorber and strut assembly is an integral part of your suspension system. It helps support the whole weight of the vehicle while dampening the motion of the body and the vibrations of the ground. Problems with your vehicle's suspension system should be immediately diagnosed. This way, you can do the necessary repairs right away and prevent further damage to your vehicle. The following are some problems you may encounter with your Toyota Sienna shock absorber and strut assembly:


Clunking or rattling noises from the suspension mean either a loose connection or suspension failure. Do a visual inspection of the shock absorber and strut assembly to determine the problem. Do this by jacking up the sienna and supporting it with jack stands. This will allow you to crawl under the vehicle, where you can have a closer look at the shock absorber and the strut. Try grabbing the components and shake them around a bit. If the suspension is loose, it may move around a bit and rattle about. Tighten the appropriate bolts and screws to fix the problem. Inspect the suspension for rust, corrosion, damage, and fluid leaks. All of these could significantly affect the performance of the suspension, even push it to the point of failure. Look for dents on the suspension cylinders as well; such damage could affect the fluids inside, making the part malfunction.


If the Sienna is lower than it should be, the springs of the suspension system have already given out. This can significantly affect the handling of the vehicle, plus, it could leave the underside of the Sienna vulnerable to damage from road bumps and other obstacles. You will need to replace the springs or the whole assembly to fix the problem.

Excessive bounce and swaying

If the struts and the shocks have failed, you will notice excessive movement in the body of the Sienna. The rear of the vehicle will dip noticeably when accelerating, while the front will sink considerably when braking. When making turns with the vehicle, the body will sway from excessively from left to right, or vise versa. To further test out the shocks and struts, do a bounce test on the Sienna. Just put your whole weight on the front of the vehicle and then let it bounce back. If it bounces more than twice, then there is a problem with the suspension. Repeat the test on the rear as well. If there is considerable bounce on both ends, you will do well to replace the entire shock absorber and strut assembly.

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  • Maintenance Tips for a Toyota Sienna Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    Your Toyota Sienna shock absorber and strut assembly ensures that your car will handle reasonably well while on the road. The assembly also supports the weight of the vehicle as the car moves through various obstacles. As such, careful maintenance of the suspension system is important to guarantee topnotch performance. Here are some important maintenance tips for you to remember:

    Inspect the shock absorber and strut assembly.

    An occasional check your suspension system's shock absorbers and struts could alert you to any potential problems they are experiencing. Check for loose components and worn out bushings. Pay special attention to fluid leaks and damage on the cylinders; in both cases, shock and strut failures aren't too far behind.

    Replace the bushings when necessary.

    The rubber bushings on your suspension system help dampen the movement of its components. They also prevent direct contact between the metal parts to prevent excessive friction and to reduce wear and tear. Over time, the rubber material may degrade, lose its elasticity, form cracks, and disintegrate into tiny pieces. The will leave the struts and the shock absorbers unprotected and may shorten their life span. As a result, it is important to replace the rubber bushings when necessary. To save some time and effort, consider replacing all of the bushings at the same time so you won't have to repeat the procedure every time a bushing fails.

    Don't put too much stress on the shock absorber and strut assembly.

    Your Sienna's suspension system is having enough trouble as it is handling the weight of your car over the bumps on the road. The last thing they'll need is to be abused. Practicing good driving habits is essential if you want the suspension to last through the foreseeable future. Be sure not to floor your gas pedal when driving your car. Avoid sudden stops; gradually slow down your car to a stop instead. Slow down when cornering or passing through curves on the road. Finally, don't speed over bumps on the road.

    Replace the shock absorber and strut assembly when needed.

    Your car's health depends greatly on the suspension system. Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace the struts and shock absorbers, especially if they have failed and reasonable repairs are impossible to accomplish. A word of advice, consider replacing the shock absorber and strut assembly in sets. If one part has failed, the others may soon follow suit.