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Toyota Sienna Struts

Toyota Pickup Corner Light: Diagnosing Difficulties and Quick-Fix Solutions

Corner lights on your Toyota Pickup-or any vehicle for that matter-are the most simple yet underappreciated safety feature you have available to you. Think of them as intervehicular communication. They allow you to visually indicate intent to vehicles around you so that they can react accordingly. Whether it's a turn or lane shift, the corner lights have you covered. They're so important, in fact, that there are federal regulations governing their use, and simply not having them installed is enough to get you a ticket. There are a few things that you can do to make sure they're in the best of shape.

No lights

This is about the absolute worst that things can get with your lights. It's understandable, though, most people gloss over their corner lights. It helps to test it often-right before you leave in the morning, for instance. If you find that it doesn't work when you engage the switch, there are two things that you can look over. First is the bulb. Sometimes, after long years of use, the bulb simply gets lose or even burns out. Most often, replacing it will get it working again. Second-if the first fix fails-you can look through the wiring. Again, it's a matter of normal deterioration over the years. If the wires are simply frayed or exposed, then a bit of electrical tape can patch things up until replacements are available. Ultimately, it's better to replace the parts that make up the corner light because doing so guarantees a longer period of time before it breaks down again.

Unresponsive switch

Rarer a problem is with the control switch for the corner lights. The components that make up a switch, you see, are durable and built to last a long time. When they break down, it usually is something really serious that merits more than a quick-fix. In fact, the only quick fix that is available to you is if the handle snaps off-you can duct tape that to temporarily retain functionality. Beyond that requires a full overhaul and replacement.

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  • Keeping Your Toyota Sienna Struts in Top Shape

    We are very lucky to live in a world where suspension systems have evolved to a point where "driving comfort" is very much a reality. You might take it for granted today, but if your Toyota Sienna was built in the early days of the automobile, you would have felt every hit and bump on the road as your drove. That's because there was no such thing as suspension in those days. Enter the strut. What it does is to stabilize the spring that-in turn-absorbs the shock and bumps of the road so you don't have to bear it. Here are the best ways to keep you Toyota Sienna struts in the best condition for the longest time:

    Keep it clean-and lubricate!

    Most people don't realize that the simplest way to keep a product viable for a longer period of time is to clean it often and thoroughly. Struts are normally left untouched with the average car wash-or rather, the cleaning never actually reaches the underside of your vehicle to get the struts cleaned up. Understandably, it will be difficult for you to reach the underside of your Sienna. So, your best bet is to simply have the underside cleaned every quarter or so. It might cost a bit extra but it serves double purpose of keeping tabs on the condition of your struts.

    If you insist on doing the cleaning yourself, you can reach your struts with a jack. Just be extra careful as you might end up buried under your ride! Once you gain access to the strut, wipe the strut clean with clean, dry rag. Make sure, also, that you re-lubricate afterwards.

    Inspect at least once a year.

    Once again, here is one of those overlooked little things that go a long way. You-of course-can bulk this in when you have you Sienna's undercarriage cleaned-in fact, you should. The one thing you should look out for is any crack along the length of the strut. No matter how small or big that crack is, it's time to replace that strut. A damaged strut will not last you too long and is dangerous in the long run!