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Toyota Sienna Trunk Strut

Toyota Sienna Trunk Strut: The Common Issues and How to Resolve These Problems

The trunk strut of your Toyota Sienna is designed to hold the trunk lid of your vehicle up once you open it. Through constant use, it will show signs of wearing down and eventually malfunction. If you noticed that the trunk of your car is getting more difficult to use, then you need to check the trunk struts immediately. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter.

Popping car trunk lid

This problem can occur if you have just replaced your Toyota Sienna trunk strut. What you need to do is to check the type of strut that you bought if it contains the recommended amount of pressure. If it has, then you can leave it there for a couple of weeks and observe if there's a gradual decrease in the pressure of the trunk struts. However, if after a few weeks the trunk strut is still too strong and you're having a hard time closing it properly, then you need to look for a more suitable replacement.

Car trunk lid closing down slowly

A trunk lid that closes slowly soon after it's opened only means that the trunk strut is worn-out. This is probably the most common problem encountered when a Toyota Sienna trunk strut is near the end of its service life. The best solution to this is to replace the old strut. You can try and look for aftermarket struts in auto parts stores at a reasonable price. You should consider, however, replacing both struts and not just the bad one. This will help distribute the pressure from the trunk lid evenly.

Leak coming from the trunk struts

When you notice that there's oil or gas coming from the trunk strut of your car, then it's probably a sign of a leak. The leak might be caused by an object that hit the strut which caused the seal to break. Dirt that accumulated on the surface of the strut may have also caused the damage. You can wipe off the dirt and the check the damage if it can still be repaired. However, if the crack on the seal is too big, then you need to find a new replacement because the oil inside will continue to leak until the strut is completely drained.

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  • Toyota Sienna Trunk Strut: Easy Maintenance in Just a Few Steps

    Over time, your Toyota Sienna trunk strut will show signs of wearing down because of constant use. However, good and regular maintenance can help prolong its service life. It can also prevent injuries from accidents when the trunk strut accidentally malfunctions. Here are some tips that can help you maximize the use of your family van's trunk strut.

    Check the condition of the Toyota Sienna trunk strut at least once a year.

    You should check the condition of your car's trunk strut at least once a year to detect problems before they happen. This will also help you determine if the trunk strut is still good for a number of months or needs to be replaced. What you should do is to inspect the surface of the strut and look for possible signs of leak or damage. You can also observe both trunk struts if they have the same amount of force when you open the trunk. If not, then one of them might be wearing down already.

    Change your car's trunk struts at the same time.

    Since the trunk struts of your car share an equal amount of load, they should also be replaced at the same time. You have to understand that replacing only one strut may cause unequal distribution of load. A new, stronger strut will carry a greater amount of weight since the old strut is basically weaker and almost useless. Thus, this will cause the new strut to wear down faster or get damaged because of carrying too much weight.

    Remove the trunk struts of your car properly.

    If you need to remove the trunk struts of your Toyota Sienna either to clean or inspect them, then you should do it properly to avoid damaging the component. You should use the correct size of Torx bit, sockets, and screwdrivers so the job can be done easier. In addition, you should also use a 2-by-4 piece of wood to support the trunk lid while you're removing the strut. Avoid holding the strut up with your hand because you might get injured when it falls on top of you. It is also advisable to get help from another person if you don't have a 2-by-4 wood or something strong enough to hold the trunk lid.