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Toyota Tacoma Bumper

Troubleshooting Tips for the Toyota Tacoma Bumper

Located at the front or rear end of every car, the bumper is designed to absorb any impact while protecting the safety systems. It's not just an added feature, but it keeps you and your passengers safe in case of a hard crash. If you sense that your bumper does not look fine, you'd better troubleshoot it before it gets any worse. Here are some tips that you can use to diagnose a faulty Toyota Tacoma bumper.

Scratches and dents

If you find dents or scratches on the bumper, you might think that you can just do away with it. Besides, it's only a scratch, so what harm can it do? But the truth is, it can actually affect the integrity of some parts of the bumper. The absorber located underneath could have cracked; the reinforcement bar, which is the structural unit that's attached to the rear body frame, could have bent as well. So, if your bumper got scratched or dented, don't take it for granted and have this repaired immediately.


If you notice that there's a puncture in the bumper in the size of a nickel, this should not be ignored. If you've experienced a hard impact and you suddenly noticed that something's wrong with the bumper, have this checked by a professional mechanic right away. Take note that repairing this kind of damage is not a piece of cake. Most mechanics find this a challenging task, so don't fix the problem yourself, especially if you're not an expert DIYer.

Missing sections

Take a good look at the bumper and inspect if there are any broken units such as tears or missing sections. Unfortunately, this kind of damage can't be repaired and will entail you to get a new bumper.

Other troubleshooting tips

If you have experienced a minor accident, such as hitting a tree or post, get your bumper inspected right away because it could have minor imperfections. You wouldn't want to drive around town with a damaged bumper, would you? As said earlier, these dents could have broken some components inside the part. Have this inspected with your insurance company or a car shop.

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  • Toyota Tacoma Bumper Maintenance Tips, Tricks, and Fixes

    The bumper is a helpful car part that keeps you and your passengers safe in the event that you experience a hard crash. Aside from that, it also protects the safety systems and keeps them from getting damaged due to the collision. Since this absorbs any impact, it's inevitable for this part to get really worn out. Here are some tips for you on how to take good care of the Toyota Tacoma bumper.

    Repair the dents.

    If you've experienced a hard impact, it's inevitable for the bumper to get dented. Even if you just bumped into a tree or a street post, it's going to create a minor dent. This shouldn't be taken for granted because aside from it being an imperfection to car aesthetics, some of the parts inside the bumper probably got broken. You can fix the dent with just a few tools in hand. With a curing lamp, put it over the dent to heat it for about six minutes. Then, you can use the screwdriver's handle to carefully roll the inside of the heated dent and allow it to restore its original look. Repeat the process until you have fully pushed out the dented area.

    Get rid of external scratches.

    Aside from dents being present on the bumper, scratches also make the bumper look like an eyesore. If you start noticing scratch marks, don't hesitate getting rid of them. It's deemed to be really expensive if you get this fixed at an auto store, but you can do the job yourself. You can fix a superficial scratch just by using a buffing compound. You can apply it to a buffer pad and evenly polish the scratch. If you notice any white lines after you do it, you can apply clear coat. Once it dries, finish it off by normally buffing and waxing it.

    Repaint the bumper.

    Since your bumper is the one that absorbs all the impact and gets hit by any road debris, it's unavoidable for it to get worn out. Usually, the car paint peels because it gets hit directly by sunlight. If you start noticing paint to chip off, then don't let this get any worse and repaint the car bumper.