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Toyota Tacoma Console

Solving Common Problems with the Toyota Tacoma Console

We think that a holiday should be named after the person who invented cup holders; that person was a genius for giving man something that can hold beer or soda. On a further note, we think a full holiday season should be named after the person who invented the car's console; that person was a god for giving man a device that can hold his drink AND food. But despite being the sacred thing that it is, the Toyota Tacoma console can also break or fail. To help you out during these times, we discussed the reasons behind the common problems with the console.

Sticky console

We're going to start with the question most people would start with: "Are you sure you didn't spill coke?" The basic reason behind sticky consoles is spilled food or drinks; because any common man would treat the console as a food tray on the road. Not wiping the console after placing bottles, glasses, or food on it can also make it sticky.

However, you should know that spilled food is not the only reason. Most consoles are made of plastic which can melt in time. An early sign of this is the smell of plastic every time you open the car door in the morning. It doesn't necessarily need a flamethrower to melt it; the constant exposure to the sun's rays is enough to slowly weaken the material.

Console light problems

You have a problem with the console's display light if it turns on a minute or more after you turn on the driving lights. This is, of course, a problem with the electrical connection inside the console. Chances are, some wires are grounded or cut; food or drinks may have spilled into the assembly and messed with the wirings, or a rodent is living inside your car and is eating the wires. Either way, the console needs to be taken apart and inspected.

Loose console

In time, the bolts holding the console in place will get loose or rust. When this happens, you will notice that the console is shaking every time you hit the higher RPMs. In a different case, a console that would not fit securely in the middle of seats means that you bought the wrong console for your car.

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  • Taking Good Care of Your Toyota Tacoma Console 27 February 2013

    It's unfortunate that a lot of car owners do not even know what a car console is. But we admit that on the first time we heard it, we asked what games it can play. Car consoles are the things in between the front seats; yeah, the thing where you place your cups, keys, wallet, phone, and speed tickets. Now that we're on the same page, we're telling you that your Toyota Tacoma console needs to be maintained just like any other part of your car. Don't worry, maintaining the console is not hard; here are some tips for you:

    Wipe the water off

    A lot of car owners are guilty of not wiping the console's surface after placing a wet bottle on top of it. Air-drying the water can damage the outer material of the console as well as make it sticky. It can also leave marks which are hard to remove. We advise you to wipe the console after placing anything on top of it. It would be great if you have a small piece of cloth in the compartment for this purpose.

    Park indoors as much as possible

    As you may have noticed, the console is made of plastic. The constant exposure to the sun can slowly melt the material, making the console sticky and smelly. We recommend that you park your car indoors as much as possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

    Tighten the bolts regularly

    The console is secured by bolts on the side. In time, the constant shakes of your vehicle can loosen these bolts; the bolts can also rust after some time. We recommend that you at least check these bolts once a year, just to make sure that the console is properly in place.

    Stop placing heavy objects on it

    The console is not a seat for children neither is it an extra room for your leg. The console is not designed to handle heavy load so it is not recommended to place a TV, a bowling ball, your child, or an elephant on it.