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Toyota Tacoma Door Handle

Toyota Tacoma Door Handle Troubleshooting

Door handles: they're simple devices, but if they break, they can be a real pain in the neck. Your Toyota Tacoma door handle can become damaged due to abuse or simple wear and tear. Either way, you're going to want to figure out what's wrong with it and solve the problem right away. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you do just that.

Handle fell off

This is unlikely to happen to most people, but it does happen. If this happens to you, then that means that the pin that holds the front part of the door handle has snapped off. You can try reinstalling the handle with the pin in place, but you'd be better off replacing the entire handle instead.

Door handle won't work

Are you trapped in or out of your ride because the door won't open? Does the handle move but give you zero bite? If this is the case, then your door mechanism inside the door panel is most likely broken. Most people would be quick to point out that you need to remove the door panel in order to fix the mechanism and open the door. There's one big hiccup, though: how do you remove the panel of a door that won't open? When you're locked out, you can't get to the door panel. And if you're locked in, the panel screws would be hidden near the door hinges, which can only be accessed when the door is open. In this case, you're going to have to stick a thin metal wire between your window glass and weather stripping, pushing it down into the door panel. You'll have to pull a MacGyver and manipulate the door mechanism to get it to open.

Keyhole is jammed

If you don't have a central locking system for your ride and need to manually open your doors up with a key, then this can be a real area of concern. This problem is usually cause by a malfunction in the door locking mechanism inside the door panel or by someone tampering with your lock. In either case, you should attempt to unlock the door with the same method above or employ the help of a locksmith.

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  • Toyota Tacoma Door Handle Maintenance

    You may think that there's nothing too special about your door handles; you pull them and your door opens-simple. But should this simple component malfunction, then you could get encounter a few problems, like getting locked in or out of your vehicle. In order to ensure that you always enjoy smooth door handle operation, you must see to it that it is properly maintained. So keep reading and learn many easy methods of prolonging the life and functionality of your Toyota Tacoma door handle.

    Don't jerk the handle.

    Whether you're entering or exiting the vehicle, it's important that you don't jerk the handle. Opening the vehicle abruptly doesn't speed up the process and doing so can even do more harm than good. Door handle abuse could damage the pin and hinge that keep it in place, so be sure to open your door gently at all times. Doing so is sure to preserve your door handle for many more miles to come.

    Avoid blows to the door.

    Well, it goes without saying that you should avoid road collisions at all costs. So be it another vehicle, a bike, or a shopping cart, try not to get hit by it especially on the outer side of the door. The door's locking mechanism can be found inside the door panel; so if the door gets hit with enough force, then the locking mechanism could become damaged.

    Clean the handle.

    By regularly cleaning the inside door handle and outside door handle, you'll be able to remove dirt and grime that could hasten wear and tear. Plus, clean handles can really go a long way when it comes to keeping your ride look sharp in all aspects.

    Make sure you have good weatherstripping.

    The weatherstripping at the bottom part of your window is key to keeping water from dripping into your door panel and negatively affecting your door mechanism. So if you notice that your weatherstripping is coming loose or wearing out, have it replaced right away. This will keep water out of your door panel, enabling you to open and close your door without any setbacks.