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Toyota Tacoma Grille Insert

Signs of a Faulty Toyota Tacoma Grille Insert

The grille insert on your Toyota Tacoma may be classified only as an accessory, but in fact, this car part can also offer performance gains and additional protection for your auto. Depending on the type, a grille insert can provide a fresh appeal to your auto. If you are that type of owner that always looks to keep style in place while still maintaining functionality, then it is important to keep the grille insert well-maintained. However, these inserts are not immune to wear and tear, so you might soon find them damaged and rusting if unattended. If you think the grille insert on your auto has already worn, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are a few troubleshooting reminders in detecting a defective Toyota Tacoma grille insert.

Rusting grille insert

Your car's grille insert should typically withstand corrosion for quite a long time, but if you find the part to already show signs of rusting, then there might be something wrong with the material used in the grille insert. Most grille inserts are rust-resistant, but some are made more resistant like black powder coated aluminum types. Luckily, auto supply stores offer a rust-resistant paint coating for the inserts. In addition to the grille insert material, poor maintenance may have also cause early corrosion. To prevent this, be sure to dry the part thoroughly after it was cleaned.

Minor dents and scratches

Even if the grille insert is built with a durable frame, it is still susceptible to dents and scratches. In fact, some types are more prone to such defects. Some are built with lighter and thinner frames like aluminum types, so they get easily bent. Other types easily corrode and may require constant polishing to retain their luster. But as long as these defects are diagnosed immediately, repair and replacement should not be troublesome.

Overheating engine

Not all grille inserts provide gains for your auto, especially if the grille insert equipped is not compatible with the car. In some instances, the engine overheats because of the grille insert. This defect is not entirely the fault of the grille insert but more of an effect of incompatibility. In fact, some grille inserts reduce air flow by more than 50 percent. So as you can see, resorting to a different type of grille insert may solve the problem. It is best to get a customized one, so your car's performance will not get affected.

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  • Stress-free Ways in Keeping Your Toyota Tacoma Grille Insert in Good Shape

    Aside from protecting your Toyota Tacoma's radiator, the grille insert of your auto is also designed to add some flair and style to the car's front end. In fact, for owners with a limited budget, adding a grille insert is the best option. So, if you want to keep your car good looking, then knowing how to perform basic grille insert maintenance is important. Here are a few stress-free tips and tricks to keep your Toyota Tacoma grille insert in good shape.

    Choose highly rust-resistant grille inserts.

    Even if the grille insert on your auto is properly maintained, you may expect premature wear and tear if the grille material type is of low quality. So, if you want a long service life, then it is only appropriate that you choose the best type available in the market. Generally, stainless steel types work best for the car. Among the types, the T-304 steel is the most corrosion-resistant because it is engineered in triple-chrome plating.

    Clean the grille insert at least once a week.

    In order to maintain the car grille insert's looks and durability, you must clean the part at least once a week. This maintenance procedure is easy to perform, and in fact, you may only use tools that are already available at home. You see, dirt and grime can easily be wiped off using a car shampoo and brush. Once done, simply hose the part with water and wipe it with a clean cloth afterwards. Make sure that the part is dried thoroughly to avoid premature rusting. This keeps your grille insert in good shape and also prevents unwanted particles from penetrating into the car's radiator.

    Avoid using abrasive products when cleaning.

    Over time, minor scratches can accumulate on the grille insert's surface. Most owners apply rubbing compounds to remove the scratches, but what they don't know is that these compounds can ruin the grille insert's luster. If you value the condition of the grille parts, then you had better not use any kind of abrasive products. The cleaning materials should be paired with the type of grille insert equipped on your vehicle. See, rubbing compounds are not suitable for chrome plated or polished stainless grille inserts.