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Toyota Tacoma Headers

Indicators of Toyota Tacoma Header Problems

Headers allow the by-products of combustion to exit through the exhaust system. They are different from manifolds only in terms of usage. Manifolds are considered to be much more restrictive in allowing gases to come out from the engine block, whereas the headers are fit for performance. They are able to let more gas flow out, increasing efficiency in the process. These components are subjected to a lot of heat. Even though headers are made with durable materials, there are some instances that they could get damaged. Here's how you can figure out if there are any problems with your headers.

Subjecting your car under high stress in long periods of time makes the headers extremely hot. This may soften some parts of the header and one wrong knock may bend or warp the pipes, which could interfere with your headers efficiency. Good thing there's a work around for this mess. Wait for the headers to cool down then work your way around the pipes using your hands. After that, you can bring them to a header fabricator to do some repairs.

Cracks along the pipe

Cracks along the pipe means that outside elements might be able to get into the system and damage other parts of the engine. In addition, rust can accumulate on the openings and eat away your precious headers. A quick fix whenever you see cracks or nicks on the headers is welding them. However, welding requires experience, and doing it yourself without proper preparation might do more harm than good.

Clanking under your car

Again, because the headers are subjected to extreme conditions, some fasteners, clips, or gaskets might fall off and risk damaging not just your headers but also the entire exhaust system. Once you here there's something loose or moving under the car, check the pipes quickly and re-attach them properly. You might have to purchase individual aftermarket parts to help you do the job well.

Smoke coming out under the car

Smoke coming out from the vehicle that's not from the mufflers is always a bad sign. Usually, this is caused by leaks in the headers. Most of the time the connections might shake loose if they are improperly handled, so just tighten them up.

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  • Maintaining a healthy Toyota Tacoma header

    Headers are made for performance and performance only. They add value to your car in terms of good looks, mean sounds and robust horsepower. Most people overlook the importance of headers. They think that once you put it on, you just let it be. However, taking time to maintain a clean and healthy header will definitely produce good fruits, especially in the long run. Not only will you enjoy a longer service from the headers, well-maintained headers also extended the life of other car parts. Here are some tips on how to keep your headers in top form.

    • Checking the little stuff

      The little stuff like the fasteners, gaskets, bolts, and screws should always be inspected for loosening or damage. These seemingly insignificant things hold together the entire system within the body of the car. Therefore, any problems arising from this could compromise the structure of not just the headers, but the whole exhaust.

    • Make sure that your headers are free from corrosion

      Performance headers are made with aluminized or stainless steel for their corrosive resistant properties. Nevertheless, they are only resistant and not corrosive proof. One way for corrosion to work its way into the metal is through moisture or condensation. Make sure that the car is regularly driven within 20 to 30 minutes so that all the moisture can dry up.

    • Set your air/fuel mixture and ignition timing.

      The coating on headers incurs damage especially on the first engine break-in period. Temperatures go as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit because the air/fuel mixture is too lean or the timing is incorrect. Therefore, fit your old manifolds first before testing the optimum air/fuel mixture and timing.

    • Wipe your headers clean

      Fingerprints, grease and oil might get baked onto the headers permanently because of the heat the engine generates. This will make your headers dirty. Consequently, whenever the headers get dirty, clean them up, and then polish.

    Additional Reminders

    If you're not planning to use your car for a long period of time, set a large sheet of plastic underneath it. This will prevent moisture from the floor to evaporate to your headers. Wipe your headers, especially on the parts that are welded and connected together. Apply WD-40 to coat the pipes with an additional protective layer. These are the areas that are more prone to rust.