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Toyota Tacoma Mirror Glass

Indications of a Defective Toyota Tacoma Mirror Glass

The mirrors on your Toyota Tacoma are fragile and delicate. You may have not touched the glasses or adjusted the mirror assembly for a long time, but they still need your attention because they are constantly exposed to dirt and particles. In fact, especially in rough terrain, debris could have scratched the mirror glasses. Even in parking lots or during cold weather conditions, you may find the mirror glasses to exhibit signs of cracking, which may eventually lead to them shattering. If you suspect them to have already degraded, then better inspect the glasses and perform some troubleshooting. Here are a few indications of defective Toyota Tacoma mirror glasses and the reasons behind them:

Hardened water spots

These hardened water spots can be irritating. You can try wiping the spots several times, but you may soon find it ineffective. Unlike normal stains, these hardened water spots are a little trickier to remove. These spots are primarily caused by excessive mineral deposits in your water. A possible reason for the water to harden is improper maintenance, and the most common culprit is forgetting to dry the parts thoroughly. Luckily, a few household tools can help solve the problem. All you need is a solution of part water and two parts vinegar. Simply spray it on the mirror glass and allow it to settle a few minutes. Once done, scrub and rinse the glass with wet paper towels. Afterwards, dry thoroughly with a clean rag.

Scratches and scrapes

Scratches, scrapes, and cracks are easily detected. When you leave them as they are, there may come a time that the damage may worsen and cause the mirror glasses to shatter. So, once you see a hint of cracks and scratches, you had better prepare some buffing tools. Fortunately, there are several cheaper alternatives than the ones available in the auto market. For instance, you may just use ordinary white toothpaste to buff the mirror glass. Just make sure that the glass is cleaned first.

Shattered mirror glass

When cracks on the mirror glass are left unaddressed, they may worsen and eventually shatter the part. This is usually the case with car owners living in areas with extremely cold weather conditions. Sadly, your only options are to buy a new mirror glass or replace the whole assembly.

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  • Simple Ways to Keep Your Toyota Tacoma Mirror Glass in Good Condition

    Keeping your Toyota Tacoma mirror glasses in good, working condition is important if you want to enjoy a smooth, safe, and trouble-free ride. When these parts are kept well-maintained, you will be able to navigate the road with a clear vision of trailing drivers. If you have limited time and budget to keep the mirror glasses in good shape and are looking for an alternative procedure, then you are in luck because listed here are a few simple ways to keep the Toyota Tacoma mirror glasses in their best shape possible:

    Avoid driving through sprinklers or any dusty terrain.

    Have you ever imagined yourself as an action star driving your Toyota Tacoma on a rough and dusty terrain to chase the bad guys? Well, keep that to your imagination if you want to keep the mirror glasses in good shape. You see, rocks and other debris can find their way into the car's mirrors. These can cause ugly scratches and cracks that will eventually cause the glasses to shatter if left unmaintained. In fact, even driving through sprinklers can damage the mirror glasses. This can lead to hardened water spots on the glasses' surface because of excessive mineral deposits contained in water. Additionally, choose a wide and shaded spot for parking to avoid water streaks and to keep away from possible contact with other cars.

    Clean mirror glass with a vinegar solution.

    Most automotive cleaning chemicals are abrasive and expensive. Also avoid abrasive brushes like steel wool when servicing the glasses. If you want a safer, cheaper but effective way to clean dirty mirror glasses, then simply use a solution of vinegar. Just dilute the vinegar in water and spray the scratched parts. Make sure to let the solution settle for a few minutes before wiping the grime with a lint-free cloth.

    Always dry the part after cleaning.

    Cleaning and washing is ineffective if you fail to dry the part thoroughly. In fact, you may soon find stains and water spots when you fail to perform this simple procedure.

    Use toothpaste to remove light scratches.

    Ordinary toothpaste works well in buffing light scratches found in the mirror glasses. Just keep in mind to not apply too much pressure because it can weaken the mirror glass.