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Toyota Tacoma Tail Lights

Determining Issues with Your Toyota Tacoma Tail Lights

The tail lights in your pickup truck are important safety features. They are the red running lights that let the drivers behind you know of your presence. They are particularly important during the night where many road accidents occur due to lack in illumination. The tail lights are prone to some issues such as loose bulbs and wiring problems. To ensure safety, you need to keep a watchful eye for these problems. Following are some signs that would help you determine damage in your tail lights.

Both tail lights not working

The most common symptom of issues with your tail lights is when they do not emit light at all. This is usually caused by a loose light bulb socket. Your tail lights work with the electric system of your truck. This means that they should have continuous and consistent connections from the battery to the bulbs. A loose bulb socket would disrupt the current flow, resulting in a malfunction of the tail lights.

One of the tail lights not working

Many Toyota Tacoma owners are frustrated with just one of their tail lights working. This can be caused by a number of possible sources. It may be a blown bulb, loose bulb socket, faulty wiring, or damaged relay. The best thing you can do once you experience this issue is to start inspecting the bulb and go deeper into the relay. You should determine the cause of the problem along the way.

Lens moisture in your Toyota Tacoma tail lights

Your tail light assemblies are supposed to be sealed well to prevent contamination of their internal parts. Moisture is a sign that the assemblies already developed small cracks that allow moisture entry. These cracks can grow bigger and cause more problems. In the occurrence of lens moisture, you should have it immediately dried with hair dryer. You must also apply silicone gel on the assemblies to seal them better.

Dashboard and tail lights do not operate

If your Toyota Tacoma tail lights and the dashboard signals for them do not turn on, the tail light circuit may be damaged. The circuit of your tail lights controls both the dashboard signals and the light assemblies. Your tail light circuit is located at the relay box found right behind your battery under the hood.

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  • Proper Care for Your Toyota Tacoma Tail Lights 27 February 2013

    The tail lights of your Toyota Tacoma are crucial safety features that serve as road communication devices by letting the driver behind your truck know of your presence. A problem with the tail lights may cause serious road accidents. Because of this, you should ensure that your Toyota Tacoma tail lights are working well all the time. Following are some tips about taking good care of your tail lights.

    Regularly check your pickup truck's wiring connections.

    Your tail lights function with the electrical system of your Toyota Tacoma. This means that a faulty wire can cause your tail lights to malfunction. With this, you have to ensure electrical current is running smoothly through the wires. This results in better light emission due to better electric connections. More so, it helps you detect an issue with your tail lights while still at an early and less serious stage.

    Immediately replace blown bulbs.

    The bulbs of your Toyota Tacoma tail lights eventually blow up when they reach the end of their service lives. Once this happens, water vapors accumulate inside the glass portions of the bulbs. These vapors are flammable and may blow up if the damaged bulbs remain in the tail light sockets.

    Remove the bulbs carefully.

    The connections between your tail light bulbs and their sockets are very crucial to the electrical flow. With this, you need to be extra careful when installing or removing the bulbs from their sockets, which can easily scratch and damage.

    Do not touch the glass material of the bulbs.

    Your hands and fingers leave traces of oil or grease on the glass. These traces react with the halogen inside the bulbs' glass materials once they are lit up. This results in reduced lifespan of your tail light bulbs. With this, it is recommended to hold the metal parts of the bulbs or wear clean protective gloves when doing a bulb replacement.

    Use tail light guards.

    Much like grille guards to your headlights, tail light guards are protective shields for your tail lights. These are metal grilles installed above the tail light assemblies. Aside from keeping your tail lights safe from damage in the event of a collision, these guards add a more masculine look to your Toyota Tacoma's rear side.