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Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Cable

What to Do during a Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Cable Failure

A tailgate is found at the rear end of your Toyota Tacoma, which allows you to load cargo or any other equipment into your pickup without much trouble. Unloading them from your truck bed also becomes an easy task because of this component. The tailgate is composed of a mechanism that enables it to be lowered. And once it is lowered, something has to support its weight so that it won't fall off-a job specifically made for the tailgate cable. However, it is bound to fail every once in a while. Here are the usual causes of a Toyota Tacoma tailgate cable failure:

Wear and tear

A tailgate cable is inevitably prone to wear and tear. Although it is flexible enough to allow the opening and closing of your tailgate without strain, time will come when it would become worn, loose, or overstretched due to age or careless use. Furthermore, a defective tailgate cable would mean a malfunctioning tailgate. There is a high tendency for the tailgate to open excessively. In this case, you need to replace your tailgate cable immediately.

Replacing a Toyota Tacoma tailgate cable is pretty simple. All you need to do is open the tailgate and take out the cable. You may find the cable secured with bolts. Unscrew these bolts to free the tailgate cable. Then, simply attach the replacement cable. This job would be easier if you have someone to assist you. Also, make sure your new cable is of superior quality, so you won't have to deal with another damaged tailgate cable for a long time.

Corrosion and breaking

Yes, a tailgate cable can corrode as well. Its ends are usually made of steel, and water can easily flow in through the cable especially when the tailgate is closed. So once the tailgate cable gets exposed to water, it begins to run the risk of eventually rusting away. In addition to that, a corroded tailgate cable tends to weaken. So when you put too much weight on it, the cable could possibly break. Provide a replacement for your damaged tailgate cable. Also, consider sealing both ends of your new cable with a sealant.

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  • Keeping Your Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Cable Sturdy and Rust-free

    The tailgate cable may not easily come on to you as an essential component, but this piece of wire is more than what it seems. Usually made from flexible and durable materials, this cable basically serves to support the tailgate, as it is being lowered. It contributes to the smooth operation of the tailgate as well. So before you find your tailgate dropping onto your rear bumper or causing injury to anyone standing on or by your tailgate, make it a habit to check the cable. Here are things that you need to look out for, as you go over your Toyota Tacoma tailgate cable:

    Inspect for damage.

    The tailgate cable is very susceptible to wear and tear. Due to the tension caused by the cargo loaded on the truck, it gets strained and tends to weaken over time. When you do even a quick visual inspection on your tailgate cable, make sure that it has not yet become loose or overstretched. A worn cable can cause your tailgate to open more widely than intended.

    Check for corrosion.

    Tailgate cables are often made of steel. And on a rainy day, they are easily exposed to water when your tailgate is closed. Water can flow through both ends of the cables and into the middle. Eventually, this leads to corrosion, which weakens or damages the cables. So when there is too much tension, it becomes highly probable that the cables would snap off.

    Check the cable tension.

    Make sure that your tailgate cable is still capable of handling loads on your tailgate. Check the cable's positioning as well because it can actually affect the cable tension. If you put the cable on a vertical position, there would be an equal increase in tension, as you load up your tailgate. And since there are two tailgate cables on your pickup, the weight is equally shared by these two cables.

    Replace broken cable.

    If any damage is found on your tailgate cable, immediately replace it. You simply need to remove the worn cable from your tailgate by unscrewing both of its ends. Then, you can easily attach the replacement.