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Toyota Tacoma Wheel

First introduced in 1995 in the United States, the Toyota Tacoma is Toyota's entry to the pickup truck division. Named after the Tacoma, a place in Washington particularly the Mount Rainier, the Tacoma signifies the Indian word for strength and power. True enough; the Tacoma is strong and powerful as compared from its predecessors. Considered as a compact pickup, it is offered in three body styles: Regular cab, extended Xtracab, and 4-door Double Cab. Three performance engines power the Tacoma: 2.4-liter four-cylinder at 142 horsepower with 160 pound-feet of torque is offered for the 2-wheel drive, 2.7-liter four-cylinder which is capable to produce up to 150 horsepower, with 177 pound-feet of torque are available for the 4-wheel drive, and the 3.4-liter, V6 producing 220 pound-feet of torque is rated at 190 horsepower is available for both the two- and the four-wheel drive. The latest engine for the latest Tacoma is the 4.0 L 24-valve DOHC V6, 245 horsepower.

Safety is also a standard for the Toyota Tacoma. Features include driver-side airbag, center high-mount stop light and adjustable seat-belt anchors, side-view mirrors together with an optional four-wheel anti-lock braking system were added. Body armors are also built for the vehicle in the presence of a side-door impact beams and three-point, automatic and emergency locking retractor seatbelts in outboard positions.

Style is also one of the major guarantees of the Tacoma with a wide range of replacement parts and aftermarket accessories. This could range from, grille, mirrors, beds, step bumpers, and more. For added style, Toyota Tacoma wheels should be on the top of the list. With the performance lies on the wheels, the Toyota Tacoma includes high-performance tires on 18-inch wheels.

The Toyota Tacoma wheels feature a five- or six-spoke design suitable for any major road conditions, at the same time, strong enough to carry the weight of the vehicle while giving the Tacoma the added attitude. Custom Toyota Tacoma wheels could be made from chrome, alloy, aluminum, or steel which promise major change in the appearance of the truck.

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