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Toyota Tercel Carpet

Common Issues with the Toyota Tercel Carpet

Carpets are custom-molded to give you and your passengers comfort during long commutes. Aside from providing your feet with comfort, carpets also help regulate the temperature inside your car. Their padded design allows your car's air conditioning system to use less Freon and power to provide the optimum comfortable temperature within the car's cabin. Carpets also serve as sound absorbers and diffusers from the road noise while driving. Unfortunately, carpets are also susceptible to wear and damage over time. Dirt, fading, foul odors, and even mold can easily damage your car's carpet. If these issues arise, it's time to check your Toyota Tercel's carpet. Here are some common issues encountered with the Toyota Tercel carpet:


Clogged HVAC or air conditioning tubes can cause moisture to build up on your car's carpet. Water can drip down the passenger side's carpet, leaving it wet. Cracks forming near your car's doors can also let water seep in. Faulty rubber door seals may leave openings, allowing water into the car. Even a damaged evaporator box can leave your carpet wet. Find the exact source of the moisture and repair it immediately. Remember that molds and bacteria thrive in damp, dark places like underneath your car's carpet. Let your car sit in direct sunlight for about an hour to completely dry the wet carpet.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in damp, dark places, like beneath your car's carpet. Moisture and water seeping through your carpet will help mold grow and thrive. Once mold or mildew grows on your carpet, it may lead to health problems and upper respiratory infection. A good carpet shampoo must be used to clean the affected area. Make sure to brush the area thoroughly to kill the mold and mildew. Sunlight and fresh air can help dry the carpet and kill any remaining mold growth on it.

Wear, fading, and odors

Over time, your car's carpet will suffer from wear, fading, and odor. Wear can be caused by improper maintenance, while fading is due to emissions from your car's heating systems as well as exposure to direct sunlight. Odor, on the other hand, can be due to mold growth and moisture. Clean your car carpet and apply a deodorizer or disinfectant to remove the odor from it. If it's beyond repair or cleaning, replace the damaged carpet immediately.

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  • Tips on How to Maintain Your Toyota Tercel Carpet

    Giving the interior of your car a more comfortable yet trendy look is what a Toyota Tercel carpet can do for you. It actually refines your car's interior. Since it has a good padding, it helps protect your car's floor against dings, scuff marks, hits, and other forms of physical damage. The carpet's design also allows for a more comfortable cabin temperature, especially when your car's A/C is turned on. Unfortunately, the carpet gets damaged because of dirt, odor, fading, mold, and mildew. But with the proper maintenance routine, your Toyota Tercel's carpet will always be in good condition. Here are some tips to help you clean and maintain your carpet:

    Always keep it dry.

    Water and moisture are some of the biggest causes as to why mold and mildew grow on carpets. Most carpets are designed with thick pads to insulate your car from road noise. Since liquids seep deep into your carpet, it's best to always keep it dry. Use paper towels or an absorbent cloth to remove water or liquids from your carpet. Open the doors to let air pass through your car's cabin. If you can remove the carpet, remove it and let it dry under direct sunlight for about an hour or so. Sunlight can also help kill the mold and mildew forming on your carpet.

    Vacuum it regularly.

    Vacuuming your carpet regularly removes small dirt particles from it. This also prevents allergens like pollen from entering your car's A/C system. Dirt and pollen tend to cling to the carpet's fiber, and when the a/c is on, these could circulate, causing allergic reactions to you and your passengers. Also, vacuuming your carpet will straighten up the carpet's fiber, making it good as new. A steam vacuum is recommended to loosen tough dirt accumulated on the carpet.

    Keep it clean at all times.

    Cleaning your carpet will remove grease, ink, and occasional paint stains from your carpet. Common household solvents like glass cleaners, paint thinners, hair spray, cornmeal, and table salt can help you remove stains from your car carpet. Carpet shampoos are specifically formulated to efficiently clean your carpet; you can also apply stain repellant to protect it. The most practical and easiest way to protect your carpet is to place car mats above it. It will keep your carpet clean and protected from almost anything.