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Toyota Thermostat

Keeping the engine of your Toyota cool is the secret to avoiding costly engine damage, such as melted seals and warped heads. The Toyota thermostat is an instrumental part in the cooling system of your vehicle. When the engine is cold, the Toyota thermostat remains closed, so that the vehicle can get up to the proper operating temperature quickly. When oil is cold, it does not protect the vehicle as well, so it is necessary for the engine to run above a certain temperature. When the engine is warm enough, the Toyota thermostat opens, allowing the coolant to flow through the system. The coolant is pumped into the engine, where it collects heat, then to the radiator to be cooled by moving air. Because the Toyota thermostat is a mechanical device, it is prone to mechanical failure. The most common problem is that the Toyota thermostat becomes stuck in one position or another, usually closed. This will quickly cause the engine to overheat, even while driving at high speeds. A simple trick to remember, if you realize your Toyota thermostat is stuck open while driving, is to open all of the windows and turn the heat up as high as it goes. The heating system is part of the cooling system of the engine, and it has its own heat exchanger, similar to a small radiator. The air flowing through the heater core will cool some of the coolant, allowing you to get home with a stuck Toyota thermostat. Our online catalog will have the proper Toyota thermostat for your vehicle, and it can easily be ordered through our secure web site, or with a toll-free phone call.