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Toyota Tie Rod END

The steering system of your Toyota must be in good condition to steer properly, and for safety reasons, as well. The final link from the steering rack to the wheel is the Toyota tie rod. This part is directly responsible for transferring the steering input from the steering rack to the wheel hub, and it is connected to each with a ball joint. When the steering wheel is turned to the left or the right, it pushes or pulls the Toyota tie rod, which moves the tires. The weak spots in this part are the ball joints. As the name implies it is a ball and socket type of joint, and it allows the Toyota tie rod to turn the wheels while compensating for the motion of the suspension. Both the ball and socket are metal, so friction will eventually cause the joints to wear. When the damage becomes too severe, the Toyota tie rod will have to be replaced, in order to avoid the wheel becoming detached from the steering system. You will find the correct version of the Toyota tie rod for most vehicles in our vast online catalog, at a much lower price than what the dealership would charge fro a similar part. It is made to be an exact match for the original unit, so installation will be very easy. After the Toyota tie rod is installed, it will be necessary to have a full alignment done, in order to adjust it properly, and to avoid premature tire wear. The Toyota tie rod can be easily ordered through our web site, or by phone, with a toll-free call, and with our efficient shipping, it will arrive soon.

Toyota Tie Rod End Models