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Toyota Tonneau Cover

With gas prices constantly increasing day to day, any item you can add to your Toyota pickup that will increaser gas mileage is a wise investment. The Toyota tonneau cover helps to increase your gas mileage, and it does much more. Without this device installed, the air flows over the cab and into the bed of the truck, adding extra drag to the vehicle. By installing the Toyota tonneau cover, you provide a smooth surface that the air can glide over easily. It also provides a dry place to store important cargo, other than inside the cab of the vehicle and it will give the truck a sleek and stylish look. There are several versions of the Toyota tonneau cover available. The soft version connects to the bed of the truck with a series of snaps, which allow you to roll it up partially, or completely remove it in minutes, when large cargo must be carried. There are also rigid versions of the Toyota tonneau cover available. They are generally made of fiberglass, and, unlike the soft version, they can be painted to match your truck. When the rigid Toyota tonneau cover needs to be opened for access to the bed, a set of pneumatic pistons help to raise the unit, and they keep it open while you load and unload. As an option, it can also be equipped with a secure locking mechanism. Both versions of the Toyota tonneau cover install easily without permanent modifications to the vehicle, and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. With our easy website and toll-free phone lines, the Toyota tonneau cover can easily be ordered in a matter of minutes.