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Toyota Turn Signal Light

As you are going down the road in your Toyota and come to a turn, other drivers really appreciate it if they know where you intend on going. That is the purpose of the Toyota turn signal light. When you activate the switch on the steering column, the electricity flows through a flasher that allows the signal to blink, and finally to the appropriate bulbs. When the Toyota turn signal light is not working, not only can it earn angry stares from other derivers, it may attract the attention of the local law enforcement officers. When it fails, the usual cause is a burned-out bulb. About once a year, the bulb in the Toyota turn signal light will fail in normal driving conditions. Fortunately, replacing the bulb is easy, and you will find the correct one for your vehicle in our vast online catalog, at a great price. With a screwdriver, the Toyota turn signal light assembly can be removed from the vehicle in a matter of minutes. Then twist out the old bulb, switch the wiring harness to the new bulb, and put everything back together. If the Toyota turn signal light does not blink when the signal is activated, the flasher unit may have failed. It is located in the main fuse box, usually, and it is simple to replace. We also carry the appropriate flasher unit for many vehicles as well, and it too, is priced very low. When you are ready to order the parts to repair your Toyota turn signal light, you can do it by phone, toll-free, or through our easy online ordering process, and our quick shipping will have it at your door soon.

Toyota Turn Signal Light Models