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Toyota Valve Cover

The engine of your Toyota relies upon the flow of air to run, and the intake and exhaust valves are responsible for controlling the airflow in and out of the combustion chambers. Along each side of the typical engine, you will find a Toyota valve cover, underneath which the valves are located. The Toyota valve cover provides a protective cover for the valves while the engine is running, as well as easy access to repair the valves, when needed. As long as the engine is running normally, the unit will never have to be removed. When the gasket beneath it starts leaking, however, the Toyota valve cover will have to be removed to replace the gasket. When the valves are working, they need a constant supply of lubrication in order to avoid damage from friction. As the gasket starts to decay, the engine oil may have to be filled several times a week and the engine will no longer be sufficiently protected from friction. When replacing the gasket, care must be taken to avoid damaging the Toyota valve cover. It is usually made out of lightweight steel or aluminum, so using a pry bar to remove it may bend the unit out of shape, and the gasket will not seal properly afterwards. In addition, when reinstalling the Toyota valve cover, if the bolts have too much torque applied to them, the cover can be easily warped. Our online catalog will have the correct replacement for most vehicles, if your Toyota valve cover has become seriously damaged and needs to be replaced. Our version of the Toyota valve cover can be easily ordered from our secure web site or with a quick toll-free phone call to one of our friendly associates.