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Toyota Wheel

Next to the engine, the wheels are probably the most important part of a car or any other type of vehicle for that matter. While the engine is the component responsible for providing the power need by a vehicle, the wheels convert this power to something useful by allowing the vehicle to move and travel. Without the wheels, land vehicles would be useless, or they could never have been invented.

The vehicle wheels, also known as rims, are the circular metal objects on which the tires ride. There are a variety of wheels available today, each with various size and designs and made from a variety of materials. The size, design and make of a wheel are usually based on the type of vehicle they will be fitted into. Common wheel sizes being manufactured and sold today ranges from 14 inches in diameter, for the small and old cars, to large 20- to 21-inch wheels used for larger vehicles like vans and trucks. Common materials used for the manufacture of these wheels are magnesium, steel, cast aluminum and billet aluminum.

The quality of the wheels a vehicle is equipped with has a large impact on the total performance of a vehicle. The wheels of a car are connected by bolts and nuts to its axle, and these axles are further connected to the transmission and various transmission parts. The power generated by a car's engine is transferred to the transmission and distributed over the wheels for the vehicle to move. With the wheels as the final recipient of the power generated, the total performance of your car would largely depend on the wheels.

Toyota vehicles are known for their quality and laudable performance. And while these qualities are highly regarded as a result of fine engineering, much of these must also be credited to the high quality parts that Toyota used on the manufacture of their cars. And just as many of the parts that a Toyota vehicle is equipped with, genuine and stock Toyota wheels are also of finest quality. Aside from doing their functions well, Toyota wheels are also designed to give the vehicle better handling and cornering capabilities. Genuine Toyota rims are also elegantly designed to complement the sleek look of every Toyota vehicle.

Aside from the original Toyota wheels that your vehicle is equipped with upon purchase, or the various replacement Toyota rims available on your local dealership, there are also aftermarket and custom Toyota wheels that you can use to replace the stock Toyota wheels. These aftermarket and custom wheels comes in various designs and made from different materials that can give your car a distinctive look. Just be careful every time you have to purchase these wheels, as they may not match the quality of the originals. Also, one must give particular attention to its offset and backspacing so that it would perfectly fit on your car.

  • Closer Look at Toyota Wheel

    When you are traveling long distances in your Toyota, it is wise to have a good spare tire available, and the average temporary spare just does not fit the bill. For a safer and more convenient option, consider combining one of the full-size Toyota wheels from our online catalog with a matching tire. The temporary spare tire is only rated to go a maximum of about 50 miles an hour, and should only be used for 100 miles at the most. With one of our regular Toyota wheels, you will not have to worry about the safety of your vehicle. For the most inexpensive option, you can purchase one of the steel Toyota wheels, which will not look quite as good as the other wheels on your vehicle, but it will do its job well. If you would like to match the looks of your vehicle, or be like to be able to repair the tire at your leisure, one of our replica Toyota wheels may be a good choice. It will be an exact match to all of the other wheels on your vehicle, and when used as a spare, you can leave it on as long as you want. When the damaged tire is replaced or repaired, simply put that wheel in your vehicle as the spare. Our catalog also has a full selection of custom Toyota wheels for most vehicles in the standard size, as well as an assortment of custom sizes for various applications. All of our Toyota wheels come with a full warranty from the manufacturer. You can easily order one or more of our Toyota wheels through our secure web site, or with a toll-free phone call to our offices.