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Toyota Window Motor

When the sun is shining and the weather is nice, it is great to hit the button to lower the windows of your Toyota, and enjoy the breeze. The part that makes this possible is the Toyota window motor. It is located inside the door and replaces the antiquated manual handle. When the window will not move, no matter how hard you press the button, it is not necessarily the fault of the Toyota window motor. First, check to see if the window is on its track, check the switch to ensure it is working, check the fuse, and, finally, check all of the electrical connections. If none of these procedures remedies the problem, it may be necessary to replace the Toyota window motor. In our large online catalog, you will find the perfect replacement for most vehicles, at a price that is much less that what the dealership would charge. Our Toyota window motor meets all of the specifications of the dealership's model, and it will be a direct replacement. Installing the Toyota window motor is not an easy job at all. First the door handle, the armrest, and the upholstered door panel will have to be removed. Then the inner metal panel will have to be removed, as well, to gain access to the Toyota window motor. With the window glass supported with several strips of duct tape, the old motor can be removed. Install the new Toyota window motor, and test it for proper operation before every thing is reassembled. When you are ready to order the Toyota window motor for your vehicle, the process can be completed through our secure web site, or with a toll-free phone call to one of our friendly employees.

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