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Toyota Window Regulator

It always feels good when you have full control over your car. That's why automobile manufacturers have created a lot of control mechanisms for your car. You can control the engine with the ignition switch, and you can control your vehicle's speed with the various types of transmission shift levers. Aside from these basic controls, there are other various controls laid out on your car's dashboard or on its doors that lets you control a lot of other things. For the proper positioning of your car windows, the control component happens to be the window regulators.
There are two basic kinds of window regulators: manual window regulators and power window regulators. Both types does basically the same thing, that is to lift up and down your car windows to whatever position you want it to be in. But while they do the same basic things, the process of doing such thing differs for the two types. For a manual window regulator, you have to exert an effort to lower or raise the window, while for a power window regulator, this process is dealt with electronically and can be done with just a click of a switch or a button.

A typical window regulator is composed of several components that include a worm gear and a combination of spur gears, a mechanical plate, and a linkage. The linkage supports the window while the mechanical plate is responsible for moving the window up and down. The precise movement of the mechanical plate is controlled by the worm gear-spur gears combination. For the manual window regulator, a crank that is manually controlled by person using a crank handle controls the worm gear. For the power window regulator, on the other hand, an electronic motor connected to a particular electronic module on the car controls the worm gear.
Toyota has always been known to incorporate the latest technologies in their cars. That's why for their current and upcoming vehicle models, we expect that all are and will be equipped with power window regulators. Most of these new Toyota power window regulators comes attached with various functions and are controlled through various ways, like a remote system or integrated with the door locks as opposed to the common power window regulator switch on the car doors.

But not all Toyota cars are equipped with power window regulators, and old Toyota cars are sure to be equipped only with manual Toyota window regulators. And while finding replacements for your Toyota power window regulator may be quite easy, finding repair parts for these old regulators would be a bit harder. You can't easily find a Toyota manual window regulator from any Toyota dealerships, but you'll surely find these kinds of stuffs from aftermarket parts dealers. Aftermarket parts vendors usually have stocks of both Toyota manual window regulators and Toyota power window regulators.

Toyota Window Regulator Models