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Toyota Wiper Arm

During bad weather, the wipers of your Toyota are essential to keep your view free of rain and snow. The motion of the wiper motor is transferred to the wiper through the Toyota wiper arm. This part is designed to put pressure on the wiper blade, so that it conforms to the curved shape of the windshield at all times. The Toyota wiper arm also determines how far the wiper will move side to side. There are few things that can cause the Toyota wiper arm to stop working correctly. If the gears connecting it to the motor become worn, it may have to be replaced. Corrosion can quickly eat through the thin metal of the Toyota wiper arm, as well. When the springs in the unit loose their flexibility, there may not be adequate power to keep the wiper blade against the windshield correctly. Above all, the most common reason to replace the Toyota wiper arm is that it somehow has become bent out of shape. Whatever the reason for replacing it is, you will find the correct Toyota wiper arm for your vehicle in our large online catalog, at much less than what the dealership would charge for a similar part. It is an exact match for the original unit, so the installation will be easy. Simply remove the screw holding the Toyota wiper arm to the wiper motor, remove the old arm, and replace it with the new one. When you need to order a new Toyota wiper arm, it can easily be done with a toll-free phone call, or through our secure website, and with our fast shipping, it will arrive soon.

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