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Toyota Yaris Floor Mats

Common Issues with the Toyota Yaris Floor Mats

Designed to weather different climates and weather conditions, the Toyota Yaris floor mats can effectively protect your car's floor. From original equipment to custom designed floor mats, they offer a variety of styles and colors to compliment a vehicle's interior. Although they are built to be dirt and stain resistant, these floor mats are not invincible to wear or damage . When you encounter tough stains and stubborn grime, it's time to do a little troubleshooting. Below are some of the most common problems for your Toyota Yaris floor mats and their usual causes:


Rubber car floor mats can emit a strong, overpowering smell that fills your car's cabin, especially if it's brand new. For some, it might be okay but for others, it can be repulsive. To remove and reduce that pungent smell, you can let them sit under direct sunlight for about an hour or two. A mixture of pine-scented cleaner and water can also be used to eliminate the odor. For carpet and universal absorbent floor mats, odors can be caused by mold or mildew building up on its backside. Check the floor mat's underside and locate the source of moisture. Let the carpet sit under direct sunlight for a few hours to kill the mold and mildew. Use white vinegar as a cleaning solution to remove the mold from the floor mat. Open your car's doors and windows to let fresh air circulate throughout the cabin.


Coffee or soda spills are the most common causes of stains on carpet car floor mats. These types of stains are easier to tackle and clean. If the stain starts to emit foul odor, you can soak the affected area with baking soda and leave it overnight. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda the day after. For tough stains, rub shaving cream on the stain and let it sit for a 30 minutes. Use a sponge dipped in cold water to remove it remove the stain. Now, if the floor mat is heavily stained, it's best to replace it with a brand new one.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Toyota Yaris Floor Mats in Excellent Shape

    Your Toyota Yaris floor mats are built only for one thing: to protect the car's interior against dirt, grime, and other road debris. Since they are basically designed to keep your vehicle perpetually clean, these floor mats come in different types to suit the varying weather conditions. From rubber to universal absorbent mats, they also need proper cleaning and maintenance. To keep your floor mats tough and weather-proof, here are some tips to help you out:

    Keep them clean.

    Car floor mats can give you a more comfortable driving experience if you always keep them clean. A clean set of mats will affect the cabin's odor and overall temperature, making it a relaxing drive. You can start cleaning them by whacking the mats against each other. This will loosen the dirt and dust from each mat. Vacuuming is also a good way of removing hidden dirt from carpet floor mats and universal absorbent mats. Soaking them in a mixture of water and detergent overnight can remove odors and tough stains. Let them dry under direct sunlight or use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to hasten the drying process. These floor mats may be tough but using a washing machine is a definite no-no. Hand washing them is still the best route to take.

    Keep them dry at all times.

    Wet floor mats are good breeding grounds for mold and mildew. They can be very persistent and emit foul odor that can be hazardous to your health. You don't want to be branded as the "guy-who-has-a-smelly-car" right? The first step in eliminating mold is to keep your floor mats dry. Find the source of moisture and fix it immediately. Clean the mats with a solution of vinegar, water, and table salt. Let the floor mats dry under direct sunlight for a few hours at least. Keep your floor mat's underside free from moisture at all times, and always check it from time to time.

    Keep them from sliding.

    Sliding floor mats are distracting and definitely annoying. They can also affect your driving, especially when you're pressing on the pedals. Add clips on the floor mats to secure them to your car's seat or floor. You can also use carpet retainers which are thinner and easier to install. Or better yet, just buy a new set of floor mats that are a perfect fit for your car's interior.