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Looking for the latest and most innovative wiper products? Check out Trico products at Family Car now/
Imagine driving under heavy rain. Better yet, make it a nasty snowstorm. Driving through it is hard enough, but your worn-out wiper blades are making it even more difficult. As much as your raggedy wipers desperately try to wipe the snow off your windshield, they just can't. Well, that's what could happen if you have subpar aftermarket wipers on your vehicle. So don't wait to get stuck in a snowstorm until you get those old wipers replaced. For the best possible replacement, better go for the ones that can perform even in the toughest conditions. That's where Trico products come in handy.
Having been in the automotive industry for almost a century, Trico has always been a trusted brand when it comes to the latest technologies and newest trends in wiper systems. All its products undergo the most rigorous strength and durability tests to satisfy the highest market demands. This brand also offers various wiper blade designs such as the NeoForm beam blades, Teflon blades, Winter Blades, and many other innovative designs. That way, you can have more options depending on what kind of wipers you need. But this brand doesn't only provide wipers; washer pumps and wiper motors are also available.
As we all know, it's never fun to drive under extreme weather conditions. In these cases, the last thing you want is a busted or broken wiper. So don't wait for that to happen. Replace those defective wipers immediately-because with Trico goodies installed in your automobile, you'll get a smooth and clear wipe on your windshield as you drive under the rain or in the wrath of a snowstorm.

Trico Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Trico Product, For the Right Job

    To correct your eyesight and vision, there's an optical shop in almost every corner and mall that can give you a quick remedy to the problem. Just complete the vision test from an eye chart and the optometrist can immediately prescribe you with a pair of eyeglasses that will help correct your poor eyesight. But even though you're wearing the best multi-coated glasses, you still wouldn't be able to see the road ahead clearly if you have poor driving vision. A dirty windshield glass layered in dust, grime, and rain spots may lead to unfortunate circumstances. Clear your driving vision using Trico windshield wipers. The brand specializes in everything that is related to your windshield system so you can definitely rely on this one to make your ride a lot safer.

    In 1917, the company broke into a nationwide phenomenon after it invented the windshield wiper blade. The first windshield wiper was known as Rain Rubber and was widely used by most automobiles during that era. The thought of inventing windshield wipers came into the mind of J. R. Oishei after he accidently collided with a cyclist one rainy night. He was shaken by the accident though the cyclist didn't suffer serious injuries. After that, Oishei made up his mind to invent something that can enhance a driver's vision even during bad weather. And then Tri-Continental Corporation was born, or simply Trico, a company which manufactures an entire product line aimed at improving every car's windshield system.

    Today, Trico operates with over 6,000 employees worldwide and wiper plants across almost every continent. No other company can beat this brand when it comes to windshield wipers. The owner even patented vacuum wiper motors way back in 1928, sealing its name in history as the ultimate supplier of quality wipers. The Trico wiper blade insert, for instance, is a reliable piece you can place on your wiper blade to avoid scrapes on the windshield surface. Since wiper blades have the tendency to harden and leave streaks on the glass after a period of time, it is best to use the brand's wiper blade insert to guarantee a spotless and damage-free windshield glass. You may even purchase a Trico washer pump to complete the cleaning session.