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Have you ever wondered why motorcycles and lawnmowers have foam air filters and most cars have paper filters? It is because motorcycles and lawnmowers work in harsher conditions compared to that of a car. These use foam filters because foam traps more dirt than the use paper filter without compromising better airflow. This is the reason that inspired True Flow designers to make a foam filter line of air filters.

True Flow's line of air filters are foam filters that are made of reticulated foam that makes use of millions of tiny air cells in the foam, together with an emulsion product, to prevent dirt from getting into your intake system. This speaks of more mileage and a more efficient engine because it works on cleaner air. Unlike cotton and gauze filters, foam allows more air to go into your system. True Flow Air Filter's thick foam and larger surface area can suck up more dirt without clogging up dirt. Another advantage of having a True Flow Air Filter is that you don't have to throw them away when they're already dirty. All you need to do is give them a little rinse and they're good as new.

Aside from air filters, True Flow also has its own line of innovative cold air intakes that are a notch above the rest. The True Flow Cold Air Intake is different from other intakes because its cold air intake is located within the factory airbox of your car, not outside of it like other intakes. True Flow's Cold Air Intake is placed inside the airbox, isolating it from all the dirt, moisture and heat in your engine compartment. Because of its isolation, True Flow Cold Air Intake ingests more cold air that causes the engine to have a denser intake charge giving it more power.

So if you want to try something different, something far better than what you have been using, opt for the out of the ordinary like True Flow Foam Air Filters and True Flow Sheltered Cold Air Intake. Opt for True Flow.

True Flow Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying True Flow Air Filters

    Take the True Flow Air Filter test and see True Flow's legendary performance and protection capabilities. The True Flow Air Filter stops more dirt because of its superior foam technology. Foam has been used for years in off-road applications like ATVs, motorcycles and Off-Road race vehicles. The True Flow Air Filter uses fully reticulated foam cells and specially formulated tackifier that creates an impassable barrier for dirt particles trying to enter your engine. More dirt in your engine lowers performance, gas mileage and causes engine wear. A True Flow Air Filter stops more dirt, while performance gauze and paper filters let more dirt through to your engine.
    The Trenz Billet Grill also includes a lifetime warranty.
    A True Flow Cold Air Intake is a unique departure from traditional air intake systems. The factory air box is left intact, keeping the airflow cooler while protecting the filter from debris and moisture. In a True Flow Cold Air Intake, the factory filter is replaced with a foam, high flow, lifetime filter. And, the factory air tube is eliminated, which can have restrictive mufflers or resonators. Those are replaced with high flow, power coated mandrel tubes and reinforced silicone couplers to maximize velocity. They're easy to install and maintain, and each kit has the necessary hardware to make installation painless and easy. No modifications are needed, and all factory breathers, sensors and hoses are left intact.
    Modifying the air intake system to increase airflow is a great way to improve performance. The best way to do that is with True Flow Intakes. A properly designed air intake like True Flow Intakes increase airflow to the engine so it combusts fuel more effectively. Get better mileage and performance when you choose True Flow.

  • Choosing the Right True Flow Product, For the Right Job

    True Flow air filters utilize dense foam instead of cotton or paper to give better filtration and higher air flow

    By using the factory air box, True Flow cold air intakes offer your engine better protection from water ingestion

    Foam combined with a sticky emulsion helps the True Flow air filter trap more dirt while allowing air to pass through

    Why keep the factory airbox? Because True Flow intakes are designed to provide better performance with the safety of a stock airbox installation

    Do you ever wonder why your car uses a paper air filter instead of a foam filter like your lawnmower or motorcycle? So did the folks who designed the True Flow air filter. They realized that foam traps far more dirt than paper, and retains better flow characteristics in the process. Thus began the development of the True Flow air filter, a reticulated foam air filter for automotive applications. The True Flow air filter uses millions of tiny air cells in the foam, coupled with an emulsion product, to make it nearly impossible for dirt to pass through to your intake. Your engine stays cleaner with a True Flow air filter, which means you get better mileage and longer life from your vehicle. If that's where the story stopped, the True Flow air filter would still be a wise investment, but there's more. The True Flow air filter also provides higher flow than even cotton and gauze performance filters. No matter how good the gauze is, dirt buildup still begins to restrict airflow almost as soon as you fire up your engine. The thickness of the True Flow air filter means there's far more surface area through which the air can pass even while it's giving up its dust and dirt to the filter media. Clean air simply flows around the trapped dirt in a True Flow air filter, then continues into your engine to provide peak power even after thousands of miles of use. When your True Flow air filter finally gets too dirty, you simply remove it and wash it out, and you're ready to roll again. Protect your engine and protect your reputation on the track at the same time by installing a replacement True Flow air filter on your vehicle today.

    The first question most folks ask when they see a True Flow filter for the first time is why foam? The answer is simple: A foam True Flow filter traps more dirt while allowing more clean air to reach the intake manifold of your vehicle. The end result is more power and torque along with a cleaner, longer-lived engine. If those aren't good enough reasons to invest in a True Flow filter, then we don't know what are. The True Flow filter works on the same principle as your lawnmower air filter. Lawnmowers operate in extremely dusty conditions, requiring an air filter that could move lots of air even while it was stopping lots of dust. The foam filter element is perfect for such a taxing environment. Since a car engine uses much more air, the True Flow filter uses a much thicker foam than a lawnmower filter, with millions of filtration pockets. When combined with the special tackifier liquid, the True Flow filter can trap an amazing amount of debris while still giving air a pathway into your engine. Your True Flow filter won't void your factory warranty, and it simply replaces your factory stock air filterthere are no hoses to change or wires to run. So what do you have to lose? Performance and engine life, that's what. Install a True Flow filter and get both back now.

    It seems like every company in the automotive aftermarket is sticking a conical air filter on a silver tube and calling it the greatest innovation in the history of induction systems. In truth, many of these systems do little for power enhancement, and can actually harm your engine by allowing water to enter. That's why the True Flow cold air intake is so unique. Instead of placing the air filter outside of an airbox structure where it can ingest hot air and moisture, the True Flow cold air intake utilizes the protective factory airbox that came with your vehicle. The factory airbox does a great job of isolating the True Flow cold air intake filter from the elements and also insulating it from engine heat so you get a denser intake charge. From there, the True Flow cold air intake does away with restrictive convoluted intake ductwork, instead adding a smooth tube with silicone connectors. Again, this keeps the cool intake air insulated from the hot engine components, yet also allows for flexibility and long life. A True Flow cold air intake keeps all your stock sensors and engine management equipment in place where it belongs, so you don't have to recalibrate fuel injection settings or worry about rerouting gear. You just get a premium True Flow cold air intake that can help your car do what you want it to do: Go faster for longer, and do it for less.