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Designed specifically for the racing enthusiast, Turbotronics systems are engineered for maximum performance

Engineers who are committed to pushing your car to its limits will deliver the most powerful components available

A dynamic and expanding business ensures a large selection to choose from

Tested in real racing conditions, you can be sure every turbo kit sold is optimised for efficiency and performance

Drive a sport compact with a four-cylinder engine? Or have you moved up to that muscle car with a V-8? No matter. Turbonetics Turbo Systems have the kit for either of those cars and most cars in between. The Turbonetics Turbo Systems include everything that is needed for a car owner to install a bolt-on turbo that will deliver the performance you need when you want it. The complete system ranges from fuel and ignition all the way to the piping and all the fittings. This is the complete turbo system, encompassing everything from air entry all the way through the exhaust into the catalyst. The Turbonetics Turbo System is a bolt-on, it does not need any "hacking" while installing it. Gone are the days of waiting through four to six weeks of downtime, fretting because you are losing racing time while a system is undergoing fabrication. The Turbonetics Turbo Systems generally take between eight and 12 hours to install. The pieces are designed specifically to meet the factory positions and allow the continued use of optional equipment, even air conditioning. One of the great things about the Turbonetics Turbo Systems is that they come with preprogramming of the fuel and ignition systems. They are already set up so the unit and your vehicle have consistent air-to-fuel ratios and timing control no matter what conditions you're running in. And all planning on the part of Turbonetics saves you any worry about an inexperienced tuner using your car for experiments.

What good is a turbocharger if it doesn't have durability? That is the question that inspired the brains behind Turbonetics Turbochargers to seek an alternative bearing design. The Turbonetics patented Ceramic Ball-Bearing idea is the answer. Because the ceramic balls are nearly indestructible, the set-up removes concerns about the durability of a high-performance turbocharger. The angular ball-bearing is a direct inspiration from the National Aeronautic and Space Administration. The Turbonetics Turbocharger manufacturing process focuses on a turbocharger that has excellent response, toughness to the extreme and overall quality to meet the company's (and driver's) high standards of excellence. Among the wide range of Turbonetics Turbochargers: The T3 Performance Series Turbocharger is the ideal choice for engines from 150 to 324 horsepower; T3/T4 Hybrid Turbochargers bring together the best of both types, with fast response and high-airflow capacity; The T04B and T04E series provide the most versatility for those who are seeking aftermarket turbochargers at competitive prices; If you need proven performance across the range of racing, the 60-1 Performance Turbocharger is for you. And there are Turbonetics Turbochargers made strictly for serious competitors. The T-Series is the toughest available, and all of the turbos in this series are custom built. Have a high-performing street or race car? Check out a recent addition to the Turbonetics Turbocharger line: the Super T-Series. The Y2K Series offers durability. Turbonetics' latest addition in performance turbochargers is the Thumper Series, made to meet the needs and expectations of professional racers. Turbonetics Turbochargers come in such a range of durability and capability that you are certain to find one that offers top performance for your needs, certain to keep you in the winner's circle.

Turbonetics offers two types of Blow Off Valves, which will give you a choice for the perfect fit for your needs and expectations. The "Raptor" is a new midsized bypass valve. It has a compact design, is fully polished, and offers a 1.5-inch (38 mm) valve, sealed valve stem and adjustable preload. Included in the Raptor's kit are all the necessary hardware for mounting the unit, along with flange and fittings. The manufacture of this Turbonetics Blow Off Valve is aimed to produce a valve with the physical size and airflow capabilities that will easily fit into the gap between valves that are for street and strip use and the "Godzilla" valves. The Turbonetics Blow Off Valve known as the Godzilla not only gives you what you need for surge protection, but it has real visual appeal. This Turbonetics Blow Off Valve is a unique design, and its construction matches that of aircraft quality. This is the unit that delivers the highest flow capacity that is available on the market today. Check out the 1.8-inch (45 mm) valve assembly, all in stainless steel. The actuator assembly is completely sealed. The blow off valve is all polished aluminum and has a 2-inch diameter discharge for connecting the system. There's no doubt: When you are looking for high performance in a blow off valve that you can count on time after time, go straight to Turbonetics Blow Off Valve.