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We don't often look at them twice but they're there. We might not hear them speak, nor talk as they silently go about their duties, but without them, a corporation won't be complete. They're the maintenance staff-the janitors of the company. Their work and wages may seem insignificant compared to the VPs and managers, but without them, the entire floor won't be as put together. The gaskets of an engine are in the same position-unnoticed and seemingly insignificant, but these pieces play a large role in keeping an entire mechanism together. One brand goes the extra mile though in making sure these 'small workers' are a cut above the rest-Uchiyama Manufacturing Corporation, makers of automotive sealants and gaskets.

Started more than a century ago in 1898, the company initially produced cork stoppers using synthetic rubber, but the brand eventually ventured into making sealants and gaskets for automotive applications. It wasn't a far cry from cork stoppers, but this new division gained the company more business partners and a larger market share, probably because sealing agents for vehicles weren't widely manufactured during those days. Uchiyama gaskets and sealants became hugely successful, and today, the company continuously produces bearing seals, hybrid gaskets, and both soft and hard gaskets. The brand also boasts of a large manufacturing plant in Okayama, as well as other offices in major Japanese cities, including Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Nagoya. The company is not only popular in Japan, but its products are currently being distributed worldwide as well.

Perhaps one of the most important gaskets the company produces is the Uchiyama valve cover gasket. Valve covers, also called as rocker covers, are firmly secured over rocker arms to provide a protective shield on the intake and exhaust valves. These valves play an important factor in the fuel combustion process hence a protective covering is necessary. The rocker arms also need constant lubrication so it could operate efficiently. Valve cover gaskets from Uchiyama are effective in containing the oil within the engine to avoid unwanted seepage. Aside from that, the brand's gaskets also keep contaminants out so the oil retains its pure and fresh quality.