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Feeling a bit down and out? Free some of your stored energy with chocolates, the best source of endorphins, or the so-called 'feel good' hormones. As soon as the sugar rush hits your brain and nerve cells, you'll definitely feel a little more upbeat and cheerful, especially with your newfound energy. Open a chocolate bar and have a bite or two to perk your brains up during dreary office hours so you can work with a little more vigor. When you feel the same kind of negative force dragging down your vehicle, open your hood and pop some Unorthodox Racing parts into your engine. No, it's not chocolate, but this brand can also free your car's hidden energy and let it achieve maximum horsepower with just a few simple engine parts.

The founders of Unorthodox Racing consider their manufactured parts as 'automotive artwork' which fits each engine perfectly and lasts a lifetime. The company is pretty young, having been established around 15 years ago in 1996, but it has taken the racing world-and the automotive industry-by storm with its modified aftermarket parts that are tweaked and tuned to give vehicles an extra dose of high energy, like the Unorthodox Racing flywheel which supplies necessary inertia to fire up the engine's pistons when these metal parts slacken and become unproductive during a cycle. Flywheels have teeth to better turn the engine into motion until your car bounces back to its fighting form.

Unorthodox Racing adheres to a standard quality control and distribution process to deliver only the best to its customers. Even if the company's fairly new, it has already produced the Ultra Series product line and Ultra Dampers using 3D technology which is currently pending patent. Another hugely successful product of the company is the Unorthodox Racing Under Drive Pulley, the company's first product line. The manufacturers did their best in tweaking and modifying the pulleys' specification to introduce more power to the engines, and today, it has already become a staple in almost every race car. The brand's pulleys are effective in reducing the drag from the stock belt accessories, therefore releasing more torque and horsepower to the engine.