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If you're following a 'straight ahead' arrow and you end up getting lost, chances are the arrow pointed you to the wrong direction, or worse, someone actually spun the arrow so it's facing the opposite way. You know how tricksters can be these days, especially people with nothing to do. Arrows are just simple sticks with pointed edges, but these lines serve as guides which lead people to the correct destination. There's also a short and simple stick which is located on your car's dashboard that is used as a guide for correct measurements and readings. When dealing with critical engine information like fuel and temperature levels, US Speedo is the brand you can trust because its line of gauges won't fail or mislead you in any way.

Headquartered in Flint, Michigan, the company has been supplying OEM quality gauges, lenses, clusters, and needles to a network of business partners for several years now. Distributors worldwide continuously rely on the brand's expertise when it comes to accuracy. The founders initially manufactured plain kilometer gauges at first, but the market demanded something more, and so US Speedo came up with uniquely styled color gauges for almost every vehicle make. That's not all. The company also invented the now famous stainless steel gauge face and has patented the successful innovation as well. The brand also created even more dramatic designs for the gauge faces and introduced the Aqua Edition and Aqua Mariner line to the market several years back.

The colorful gauge faces you see on your car's dashboard do not only give you the correct information, but these round meters also bring a touch of style to an otherwise plain-looking instrument panel. For an even more exciting twist to the usual gauge face, you may install glow-in-the-dark or neon-colored US Speedo gauge needles. With a brightly lit needle, you'll be able to observe the levels and read the measurements easily while driving without having to squint at the gauge face. It's the finishing touch to any dashboard and subtly tweaks the look of your car's panel.