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When it comes to professional towing systems, the Valley still remains an unbeatable leader in the industry.

Trailer hitches, universal and custom hitches are just some of the practical products you can get from Valley.

Trailer brake controls, ball mounts, hitch devices, trailer balls and towing accessories are what Valley specializes in.

Because it counts to enhance the towing capacity of your vehicle, Valley is creating functional towing accessories.

Talking about towing, it is rather too difficult, if not entirely impossible to have something in tow if not for a reliable Valley hitch. More specifically known as the tow hitch, the Valley hitch is also referred to as the tow bar or the recovery point. All of these terms refer to one and the same thing, that device attached to a vehicle's chassis when towing. Valley hitches can take on many forms. One type of a Valley hitch is designed as a tow ball to permit spinning of the trailer. Another design for a Valley hitch takes on the form of a tow pin and jaw coupled with a trailer loop that is ideal to use for agricultural applications. The loose property of the pivot pin in a tow pin and jaw type of Valley hitch allows similar motions. A rare type of hitch is the towing pintle which is used in military automobiles. The Valley hitch is a mechanism that attaches to the chassis of the vehicle to be linked to a trailer or another vehicle in tow. Valley hitches available in the auto market today come of various designs; each and every one of them is crafted for precise fit in major car makes and models. With a Valley hitch, you can have a very functional auto accessory that comes in a very reasonable price but guaranteed of high quality and performance. Effortlessly, you can install a Valley hitch in your vehicle. Grab a Valley hitch now!

Since the introduction of the Under Bed System conceptualized and popularized by Valley to the car owning public, many has discovered a space saving technique that come in a single automotive accessory. Not only this, Valley's Under Bed System can perform three functions in just the price of one. All you have to purchase is a single Valley hitch mount, but with that, you are actually having three hitch mounts in one construction. The Valley gooseneck hitch, Valley fifth wheel glider and the Valley fifth wheel glider comes in a single Valley hitch mount. The Valley hitch mount is attached to the cross members located underneath the truck bed. The hitch that is used for towing is directly attached to the four mounts without touching the truck bed. In case you have no need for the hitch just yet, you can remove it easily from the Valley hitch mount to take advantage of the truck bed. With a Valley hitch mount, you are guaranteed to have at least five years of use without any signs of malfunction or faulty devices within that time span. Virtually all Valley hitch mounts out in the market today are made from black polyester powder coating to guarantee high resistance against rust and corrosion, making the Valley hitch mount one of the long-lasting towing accessories to own. Just think of how much a Valley hitch mount can give you at such a very affordable price. A Valley hitch is definitely worth every penny you spent.

It is mandated in certain state laws that trailers, when towed by a vehicle, should have running lights, turn signal lights and braking lights as a safety measure. Because the view of the driver of the car behind the trailer could not see the turn signal lights, running lights and braking lights installed in your vehicle because his view is obstructed by the trailer, there should have counterparts of these lights on the trailer, since the trailer moves relative to the movement of your vehicle. One of the main problems in attempting to install these lighting equipments to your vehicle is how to provide them with power. Due to this, the electrical wiring of the towing vehicle has to be tapped. You can easily do this, provided you have a set of Valley hitch T connectors. There is the T One connector, and there is the T connector for you to make use of. Whichever type you choose for the Valley hitch T connectors, you should check if it comes previously wired to a four pole flat that can be modified to fit to a six or seven way round connector. When installing, you should be able to identify the appropriate wirings on the towing vehicle. Check on the manual of your vehicle if you are having difficulty locating the wires. For guaranteeing the efficiency of the signal lights attached to the trailer, trust only a genuine set of durable Valley hitch T connectors to do the job for you.